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    Can anyone recommend the best Audio File (mp3, wav, etc.) for the Treo 600.
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    Umm...there's only really one...Pocket Tunes! Register your treo to get the lik to download it for free!

    P.S. That's not entirely can use mmplayer to play mp3's but it's not strickly a audio player...
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    Aeroplayer also works on the Treo 600 and plays MP3s and Oggs.

    Unfortunately it doesn't currently support the D-Pad, and it stops playing if it is in the background when you turn the screen off.

    I mention it though because it seems to use MUCH less processing power than pocket tunes:

    I like to read the news with Plucker while I'm listening to music.
    Pocket Tunes makes plucker run very slowly and there is a stutter in the music every time I load a new page.
    Aeroplayer makes Plucker much more usable and doesn't stutter unless I'm playing games.

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