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    I amthinking about upgrading to the Treo 600 but I need to know whether it is compatible with the smartpad.
    I contacted the company as it was not yet on its compatibility list as the treo 600 is so new but they didn't know whether it was compatible yet.

    Does anyone on the forum use the smartpad and know if it is compatible?
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    Well, if it uses an IR transceiver, then I wouldn't see why it wouldn't be compatible? All it says as the min requirements is PalmOS 4.1 so I gather it should work fine...
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    I tried the seiko smartpad on my Tungsten C - didn't even come close to working, which was a crying shame :-(
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    The reason I am checking is that the Tungsten T and C is not compatible so there is a possiblity that the Treo 600 is not compatible as well. It depends on the IR set up inbuilt.

    Has anyone tried it with their Treo?
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    I was under the impression that it is an OS5 thing, but now I see that at least one OS5 pda is compatible.
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    Tried the 600 and SmartPad.
    No Good

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    you have to do the "test tablet" under ink manager/setup. Then all seems right in the world.


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