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    So first off, wow. Just got my 600 and had not seen it in person yet, damn this thing is cool! Anyways, it occurs to me that part of my justification for buying this bad boy was the mp3 player. I normally have my Treo 300 hooked up to the headset and play mp3s from an old Nomad II into my car deck. So, question is, if I am using the Treo 600 to play my MP3s now, how do I get a phone call through a headset? Seems like there should be some Y adapter or something, but I haven't found anything.

    Ideas anyone?

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    Search the threads, there have been a few discussions on various Coby earphone combos for this purpose...
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    The only posts I have been able to find pertain to wearing headphones that have a mic. I run a direct 1/8" line into my car deck to listen to mp3s, and use a headset to talk on the phone. I wouldn't want to have to listen to music in my car through headphones.

    Someone MUST have come across something similar?

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    Let me just preface this by saying I haven't tried it. However, I remember reading somewhere that someone had a similar setup, and instead of using a headset to talk on the phone, just kept the audio playing over the car's stereo system. Apparently the Treo's microphone was still strong enough to pick up the conversation, and the other end plays through your radio. It was also specified NOT to hit the speakerphone to do this because then the Treo will play over the built-in speaker.

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