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    I just got my Treo 600, upgrading from a Visor Deluxe I purchased when it first came out. Can I use my old software?

    I ran the install wizard, and was disappointed to find that it moved over 20 .prc files into a "PalmOS5 Incompatible Applications" folder (including MemoPlus, TodoPlus, DateBook3, DiddleBug, etc.). Also, I'm finding that TomTom's citymaps, one of the apps I use most often, doesn't seem to work on the Treo.

    Maybe I'm the last one to know, but is the PalmOS5 not backward compatible? Am I courting disaster if I try to install those apps?

    My desire to keep using my old apps was one of the big reasons I chose to go with the Treo 600, so I'm quite frustrated.

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    ITs not a Treo problem but due to operatin system 5. Tom Tom doesn't even wotk on the Tungstens
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    Try to find updates to most of your app. Most develpers probably have OS 5 compatible version by now. Also, PalmSource says about 80% of legacy apps should work on OS 5.x etc. Furthermore, follow these instructions on how to upgarde to the Treo600...
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    I just discovered that my two Tom Tom dictionaries don't work either! What a pain...

    I suppose I can understand it for something computationally very demanding like the mapping application, which maybe needs nonstandard programming to achieve adequate performance. But I'm astonished that more ordinary applications, like dictionaries and DateBook3 should stop working. My god, even BigClock -- which just presents a big digital clock -- was sidelined as "Incompatible with OS 5"

    I thought the whole value of the Palm platform was the 10,000+ apps everyone is always bragging abot? What good is that if you can't run most of them anymore?

    Argh. I should have researched this more.

  5. #5 has 20,396 apps available.

    If 80% work on OS 5 then that's still much more than 10,000.

    5833 have claimed OS5 support.

    And I'm sure there are a lot more Palm OS apps out there not on Palmgear!

    Keep bugging the developers for an OS 5 update.

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