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    Good Luck!!

    The first 5,000 users to register on our site will win a free card by mail. Choose between PalmPak® Game Card: Rayman®, PalmPak® Travel Card: Worldwide Cities, Sega® Classics, PalmPak® Dictionary/Thesaurus or Atari® Retro.
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    Shame only two are listed as compatible with the treo 600
    But free is free!
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    That site now says:

    Buy One, Get One FREE!
    Buy any Palm™ branded or MDM published card at participating retailers* before December 31st, 2003 and receive a FREE game card by mail. Choose between Atari® Retro, Merriam-Webster Crosswords & Word Challenges, Game Essentials, PopCap® Puzzle Pack, Sega® Classics or PalmPak® Game Card: Rayman®. See your local retailer for more information!

    * Participating retailers include: Circuit City, CompUSA, Franklin Covey, Fry's, J&R, Micro Center, Office Depot, Palm Café, Radio Shack and Staples.
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    Well I did say Hurry!!!
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    FYI, this is also available at the PalmOne store ( Unfortunately very few of the cards seem to be 600 compatible, but in case you're interested...

    "Buy One, Get One FREE: a $29.95 Games Card FREE by mail when you buy any Palm or MDM card!
    For a limited time, Buy a Palm branded or MDM published and receive either the Atari Retro Card, Merriam-Webster Crossword and Word Challenges, Rayman, Sega Classics, Game Essentials or PopCap Puzzle Pack for Free by Mail!
    1. To qualify for the mail-in rebate, purchase a PalmTM or MDM-published expansion card from the Palm Store ( between October 1 and December 31, 2003.
    2. Submit this redemption form fully completed with UPC Code cut from the expansion card package and a photocopy of your original in-box shipment receipt(s) dated between October 1 and December 31, 2003.
    3. All coupon requests must be postmarked by January 31, 2004 and received by February, 2004. Limit one coupon per person, per household.
    4. US orders ONLY. Void where prohibited.
    5. Mail in only; no fax or phone redemptions accepted. Not responsible for lost, late, damaged, misdirected, incomplete or illegible mail, or postage due requests.
    6. Allow 4-6 weeks for free expansion card delivery."
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    OK, for those of us that got in on this free deal, where is our free card? Anyone receive this yet?
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    yeah, signed up, got the confirmation, and still nothing!! cheapos.
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    Too bad this is only for US. I don't suppose anyone can give a European a hint?
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    I agree. I was one of the first 5,000 to regitser too. To date, I have received squat, nothin', nada, the big goose-egg.
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    same here. got nothing. surprised? no.
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    Did anyone get the free SD card that was mentioned on MDM site on 11/21?
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    No card arrived in my mailbox, and I was one of the first to register as well.

    Have we been had? Has anyone attempted to contact them?
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    Got my card today in the mail (yay), but - natch, the SEGA programs need some sort of ARM code that must not be happening on the 600. I would have thought that anything that can run on OS5 would also fly on the 600. The box does indeed say T Series, C, and E only. Also the Zire 71. No 600. Dang.

    When I put in the card, and then try to launch one of the games, I get:

    X Error loading ARM code

    Any clues - ? Can I copy the game over to the core Palm RAM (ROM?) and would it fly then? I'm gonna check...
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    I thought it said the sega card wasn't compatible with the 600. That's why I opted for the Atari card...
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    I had my Atari card waiting for me when I got home! I expected some marketing material or something with it - nope! Just the game card in a shrink-wrapped package.

    Sound doesn't seem to work with speaker. I'm gonna test the headphones. The box says Treo 600, but the little booklet inside doesn't mention it. It DOES say that the Nokia N-Gage sound only works with a headset. We'll see!
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    Just received mine too! Much better than I expected... Fantastic for free...
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    I got my card yesterday as well and the sounds seems to cut out of the speakers after a few seconds. *shrugs* Ahh well, what can you expect for free?
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    The reason the sound cuts out is a bug in the Treo 600. For any program that doesn't use MIDI or OS5 sounds, the sound will cut out after a while, and not return until a soft reset is performed.
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    Pockettunes doesn't cut out, and that uses neither MIDI or OS5
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    I received my card today. Same sound problem as everyone else. Soft reset solves for about 5 minutes then no sound again. I've been having the same problem since I received my Treo 600 with Klondike and Zap so I know it is not a problem with the Atari card...
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