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    would you be kind enough to provide a link to agendus 7.0 so that i could download it? i havent been able to find it on the iambic site anywhere.

    if you could do that, that would be awesome! thanks,
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    You have to register at their support forum, then go to Agendus for Palm OS -> Beta Program.
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    thankyou much, alex! registered today and will go from there.

    i appreciate your help.

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    Iambic has finally added a 'call contact' option in any view within Agendus. The 'one tap dialing' always worked great in the Contacts view, but now you can dial from the calendar and To Do's as well!!

    I've been using Agendus/ Action Names for a few years now and have wanted this functionality with my old Visor Phone, then the Treo 300 and now with my T600. This new version of Agendus is looking pretty good.
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    better interface. i am hoping we will be able to use the email, sms, dial options on all interfaces by the way. ie. calendar, contacts, to dos, etc.
    this feature will complete the program, and in my opinion make it one of the best all around mobile organizer solution!!
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    In my haste to replace Agendus, I tried Datebook5, but the interface is much more cluttered than I'm used to with Agendus and the integration between the address book and the calendar/to dos wasn't as refined to me with Datebook. So I'm glad that Iambic is putting in some real efforts with Agendus 7.
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    I have been using Agendus, formally... blah blah blah for some time now, and forking out for regular upgrades. But each time it is getting harder and harder for me to justify to pay for an upgrade. This time I might not go there....

    I do love Agendus, and I was gutted to find out I couldn't use the d-pad to navigate. I have really started to enjoy not having to use my stylus, like many of you out there. Then I started playing with the built in one, and I have been enjoying it's symplicity and getting the job done without deciding on wee cute icons and pretty colours. I then read an article on PDA24/7 which was basically about how 3rd party can sometimes make things more complicated than they really need to be. "Wow!" I thought - "This is just what I have been thinking about with Agendus..."

    But now, another week or so on I am starting to miss some things. And no, it's not thecute wee icons or the pretty colours. It's functionality.

    For example - my life doesn't go from 00:00 - 24:00 hrs. Quite often I have things which go from 22:30-02:15! But I can't do that on the built in one, and I miss that.

    Alarmed to do's. I need reminding sometimes to do stuff. I can get around it with doing "floating appointment" - but it's just not the same, and it doesn't show up in your "To Do" list.

    The choice of having a split screen or whole screen for when I want to focus on either to do's or appointments - not too much of a biggie... But still, I like the feature.

    The first one is a BIG one for me. I go past midnight A LOT!

    The second and inconvience

    The third I can let go.

    But Agendus doesn't have proper d-pad support in my opinion. The built in app does. Agendus have given token support, which isn't worth $9.95 for another upgrade I'm sure I paid for just yesterday (or so it feels like!) But we're still in Beta I know.

    I tried Datebook 5.xx the other day. But it was just too much for me. I'm sure had I given it time and poked through the manual I would have got somewhere. But it also doesn't seem to go past midnight on appointments, and I really just don't need all that. Maybe I'm just too used to Agendus...

    Is there a way around the appointments past midnight dilemma for me? (Apart from making a repeat and then changing the time on the next day's appointment to go from 24:00-02:15 or what ever)

    Or will I just mess around with the above solution?

    Will I fork out ANOTHER $9.95?

    Will Agendus end up with (what I concider) full d-pad control?

    Too be honest. I don't know. I am going to keep using the built in one, and I'll keep an eye on the new Agendus feature list. Though I doubt I'll hand over $9.95 for limited d-pad support. I when I say "I doubt" I am nicely saying NO.

    Sorry about the long rave. It's been on my mind - thanks for sharing kids!
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    Originally posted by the phoenix
    ... Sorry about the long rave. It's been on my mind - thanks for sharing kids!
    DateBk5 does do 24 hour appointments. I've got them in past midnight. Also, the author is constantly monitoring updates, especially with the Treo 600. I've communicated with him several times and his website is offering progressive Betas, the last of which has full 5-way support, plus, plus. The betas have gone from datebk5-v51a-sa to -datebk5-v51a-sf in just a few weeks. That's 6 Beta updates in a short time. Great support and user forum. This app can do as much or as little as you want it to. And I've never paid for an upgrade. If you buy it once, you're done paying. Do not download the current release: V-5.1a. It is not fully compatible with the Treo 600.

    This is for the latest Beta:
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    If you participate and give feedback in the Agendus beta program, the beta board support dude says you can qualify for a free upgrade. I also think that if you have upgraded to the previous version of Agendus, this upgrade is free as well. Haven't checked that out yet, but I think that is the case.
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    How is one to get ahold of the "beta board support dude" ??
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    Here is the direct link to the Iambic Beta Message board:

    You will see the support dude all throughout it...his/her handle is 'jedimaster'
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    Thanks, I did find it and sent email .. awaiting response...thks again.
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    Thanks elysian9,
    I might have to give Datebook5 another try. I have to admit that I often see posts and announcements about Datebook5 upgrades without the price tag - and maybe I have looked over it too hastily. You have convinced me to give it another try, and this time I'll use the manual/use forum to explore it properly. From what I can gather you can make the interface as cluttered or as simple as you like. Maybe that way on my Zen days I can go for bare bones, and on my Tech days I can have the full shabang...

    Who knows. But I am willing to give it a longer and indepth trial. I have nothing to lose.

    Thanks for the feed back!
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    Yw, the phoenix,

    I guess the simple way of describing DB5 is that it is the big brother of the Palm/Treo built-in Calender app. In fact, Handspring uses a simple Datebook 3.XXh or something (PimLico). So, going from Palm/Treo Calendar to DB5 has a fast learning curve.

    (FYI, discovered that .wav files can be used in DB alarms using WavAlarm. Did not work in any app as promised. The app has issues on the T600, though.)
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    I've spent the day using Datebook5 and playing with all the bits and pieces (I have a few days off and time to play!) You're right, in that it has incredible potential, and by the end of the day I could make it look and do pretty much what I wanted to. I didn't bother much with the manual, since it's just TOO huge. But I did scroll through it and picked up what I needed which gave me a feel for how it's put together. It really does offer the world... But still... I don't know whether I need THAT much.

    I know if I keep going I'll be hooked and fork out the $. But do I want to pay for yet another application that does just a little bit more than something else. It never ends - it's an expensive hobby this - He he!

    I think I have 45 days or so to get fished in don't I? Lets see how it goes. For once I am going to try not to jump in on the word go. That in itself will be another challenge for me - He he!
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    My relationship with Iambic goes back to the Action Names days which I used on a Palm Pro.

    I don't mind paying for an upgrade to software IF it's truly a MAJOR upgrade. And I have, in the past. But I'm tired of Iambic charging for every little upgrade which does nothing but fix the bugs that should have been worked out in the previous "upgrade."

    Just last year, I upgraded to the latest Agendus. Then I bought their email program. Within months, they bundled the whole package together and called it the "Pro" version which I could upgrade to for another $5. If I had upgraded, I would have paid a total of $15 more than new customers for the same software.

    They have no loyalty to their customers. I'm moving on!
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    Originally posted by TimTreo
    [B . . . Just last year, I upgraded to the latest Agendus. Then I bought their email program. Within months, they bundled the whole package together and called it the "Pro" version which I could upgrade to for another $5. If I had upgraded, I would have paid a total of $15 more than new customers for the same software.

    They have no loyalty to their customers. I'm moving on! [/B]
    Welcome to the world of computer software and hardware, where everthing drops in price the day after you purchase it.

    I wouldn't consider this to be unique to iambic.

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    I have to disagree on the upgrade thing. I don't want to be overcharged or bilked either, but I also don't mind paying a little cash for good software that makes my life just a little easier or saves me some time.

    Do you remember the days when WordPerfect and Microsoft had free upgrades and awesome phone tech support?

    Both are long gone and the 'free lunch' is all but over. In order to get better products, a company needs revenue and we are their front line for that.

    I, too, have used Action Name since way back and feel that the support at Iambic has been great. Their forums are well monitored and a support email is often returned within hours.
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    Agendus just posted the latest beta with vibrate support for the Treo 600!
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