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    work with the 600? I am wondering as I would like to use this in a palm based E6-B flight computer. I was also wondering do any of you think I will need any extra software (i.e. Mapopolis) to get GPS readings off the "mouse".

    I guess what I am looking for is if there is anyone out there with the "mouse" can they tell me if it is cross-app compatible and how well does it work.
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    hi, do a search for igolf, there was just another thread on it yesterday. I ordered on but it is back ordered do to the fire situation in calif., as igolf is based out there. The igolf is far smaller than the mouse, it fits in to the sd slot. It is a small rectangular unit that just juts out of the T600 a little bit. The one hangup is that it ships with mapopolis' lower grade software but it will support their top of the line software with ships with the mouse, so it will to voice turn by turn directions, I think the upgrade is about 25 bucks. The nice thing about the igolf is that you can use it while walking . Mapopolis software will work anywhere you can use a car. So if you wan to directions walking down the streets of NYC with voice promts you would have it in a small self contained package. Couple this with software from maopolis that tell you what is doing in the area and it is a travelers dream come true or at least I hope so, that software is also about $25. I am awaiting on it and will report here when it arrives, which should be about another week or so. The offical word is 2 week delay from the official shipping date of 11/15/03. Take care Jay

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