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    I just got my 600 yesterday! very cool, i love it but im having a problem with the mem. card.

    I went out today and bought a 128mb sd card (handspring really shouldve included a 5mb one or something to play with)
    anyway, i can put files on the card and play them -mp3s, video etc., but i cant delte them off the card. When i go to app launcher and choose "card" it appears as if the card is empty, no icons or information listed, just tells me how much space i have left. i have to reformat the entire card when i want to delte anything

    Iao if this is a problem with my treo or a prob with the card?

    Has anybody else had this prob, or know how to fix it?
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    After having a run in with a moderator the other night, I refuse to post on these boards but if you want to send me an email I will send you the program that is the answer to your problem. (remove XXXXX before using)
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    I go caseless, but I usually carry it in my hand. On a belt clip I feel like a nerd, but in my pocket it adds unnecessary width to your waist. Nothing's perfect I guess.

    Anyway, I just ordered a case so I can listen to audible books at the gym. So far noone has called me out on the camera. Sooner or later someone is probably going to think I'm taking pictures of the people at the gym. It's definitely something that I try to be conscious of, because I know ppl can be so paranoid.

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