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    Hi all,

    sorry if this question has asked before but....
    Had a question about the mp3 player for the 600.

    I thought I read somewhere that Handspring, (or was it sprint?)
    was giving an mp3 player away with the 600.

    Is that the case, and if so, how do I get mine?


    ps.sHave had my 600 since the first day it became available and it is the best!!! (just my .2 cents)
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    It asks you which product do you want for free when you REGISTER your Treo with HANDSPRING. You can click on the register button on the CD included with the packaging.
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    I don't know about you guys but I didn't have a CD in my Treo 600 box. I called Handspring and they told me I needed to register my unit online to get access to the MP3 player.

    Go to and click on 'Product Registration' under the Handspring (not PalmOne) area. Then click on the Treo 600 link and fill in the registration form. When you submit it you will be given the option of choosing between two free downloads that can be added to your 600 - one of which is the MP3 player. Once you choose the player you should see a message saying that Handspring will email you further details within 48 hours on how to get access to your choice.

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