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    I've had it now for all of 26 hours, and the ringers will not ring. how do I go about getting a new one? I took all software off but what it shipped with. I can head system sounds just fine. I have a rev. C treo. I got it straight from handspring. I also don't get sms sounds nor the sounds that are associated with snappermail and verichat. im in line getting it checked out at a sprint store as I speak.
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    This is a silly questoin, but did you try that silver switch at the top of the phone?? that mutes all sound if switched to the off position.
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    I know that's a silly question but im not a green user. I had my treo 300 for a year and a half. Plus I work for sprint. I had a tech look at it in another store and it is officially defective. I can't swap it out for inventory in our store because I purchased it directly from HS. The real problem is this... My rear speaker only works intermittently. For whatever reason, I don't know. I've been back and forth with some others here that have treos as well. I hear just fine thru the earpiece but only sometimes from the rear speaker. It isn't a short or a physical problem... I think its firmware related.
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    So now im on hold with handspring support. I talked to one guy who told me to call back from a different phone because I was using my treo.
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    Had the same problem. My T600 reset every time the phone tried to ring and the tones supplied with the phone were not available. Problem was the MIDI file transferred from my T300. Once I deleted it, my phone rang and worked fine (all tones were available). See HS site for details.

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