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    Got my Sprint Treo 600 last night (ordered 10/30) and did the transfer of data from my 300, and got set up with Sprint (3 minute phone call!) all in a short while.

    Before I did the hotsync, I saw that the 600 had a nice library of ring tones and system sounds. Now, the only ring tone that I have access to is a funky little thing I made with Ringo about 4 months ago. All of the default ringtones have disappeared.

    I can download new ones - this works, and they get added to the list, but I can't seem to get the default tones back. I even deleted Ringo to be sure.
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    You might check c:\program files\handspring\[hotsync name?]\archive and look for MIDI_Ring_Tones.pdb. If it exists, double-click it and it should sync to the 600 next time you hotsync.

    If you're lucky, before replacing the one on the 600 with the one on the 300, it might've archived it first.

    Hope that helps...

    - Mike
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    i have had this same problem, i looked at the archive and it was not there but in my backup directory there was one unfortunatly it did not help when i uploaded it. anyone know anything more?
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    I think what you want to do is remove the midi database file from the backup and then hard reset the Treo, then synch. This will restore your original ones, but delete any custom ones from your previous Treo.
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    Found the answer. There is a file called MIDI Ring Tones that appears. If you delete it, then the OS rebuilds it in a few seconds, and you have all the system ringtones back. It's best to do it BEFORE you start loading new tones, because all of those will dissappear when you delete the file.

    Thanks to the other thread for figuring this out!!

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