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    Every single link on the handspring site that I can find for getting to the Treo 600 PalmDesktop and hotsync software leads back to the Treo300 page:

    When I click to download the software it asks for my serial number and of course since I have a Treo600 my serial number does not work which is probably good, because I'm not looking for the Treo300 software, I'm looking for the T600 software. Is there any place to get it online, or has this not yet been addressed? I know it comes in the box packaged with the T600, but what if we're on the road (I am) and need to install it on another computer....or what if we eventually lose or break the CD.

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    Scroll all the way down on that page. The T-600 is the last one. My serial number works there.

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    Okay I'm normally not this blind. In fact I'm a web developer for a living looking and making web pages all day which is why I feel foolish to say this, but I still don't see it!

    Even doing a CTRL-F on the page and searching for the term 600 yield zippo.

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    I don't believe that the Treo 600 PalmDesktop software is on that page even though other pages on the handspring site such as..

    refer to that page to go find it. In fact, even the top of the page says Treo300 and the date for the PalmDesktop software that is on that page is dated 2002, and moreover, only my Treo300 serial number works for that. The 600 has been out for more than a month now. Why can't we download the software and driver for it when we're on the road? Either Handspring is screwing up, or that page is really confusing. Any thoughts?
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    Ok, maybe we are talking about 2 different things. Is this what you are looking for???

    Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager for Treo 600

    If that is what you need then go to this url: and at the bottom of that page you will find it. There is no picture for the Treo 600. It is located under Software/Synchronize.

    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

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    When I clicked on the link shown in your original post, I was taken to a page that specifically lists as the first item under the "Software" categoery a "Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager for Treo 600". Under that item, I clicked on "About" and got a description that is specifically about the Desktop for Treo 600 (Windows).

    I did not click on the "Download" option, because I do not yet have a Treo 600 and a use for the software. The link appears to be for downloading a file named "PalmDesktop_41_T600.exe".

    If you don't get those pages when you click on your own link, I suggest you clear your cache and load again or refresh the page or something.

    Good luck.
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    Okay I see what's happened. Per Dr. J, they do have a cookie in there. So I was getting only the treo300 download options, because I had previously visited that page a few months ago to get Treo300 software. So, I tried going to another computer, and instead of getting the treo300 download options, I was presented with a list of all the handspring devices to choose from. So, I cleared my cookies on my computer and got the same thing.

    I suppose they're just trying to make life easier, but the end result was that I was arriving at the Treo300 download page from the context of another Handspring page that was telling me I could find the Treo600 software if I just clicked the link. After clicking the link that told me I could find Treo600 software, the page detected my old Treo300 cookie and rendered the Treo300 software options instead. Very confusing, but they I suppose they had the best of intentions.

    Anyway, I'm all set now. Thanks.

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