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    I am one of the many who ordered the Cingularized version of the T600 for use on the T-Mobile network. It works great, and you really have to look to find any Cingular references. Everything ported over from my 180 without a hitch.

    HOWEVER ... The data network appears to connect via CSD all the time. I never had that happen with the 180, and am not sure how to force GPRS. Ideas? And yes, I am in a good GPRS location. My concern is that the connection remains on and eats through the cell minutes.

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    If you mean you see the little green arrows above the signal strength, it's OK. The documentation (and previous Treo) refer to this as a CSD connection, but on the Treo 600 you see this even for a GPRS connection.
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    the green arrows are what I am refering to. do the "triangles" ever come out? does anyone with cingular have the same issue?
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    I'm using T-Mobile on the Cingular GSM model and I've also used a Sprint one. In both cases you only see the green arrows, you never see the triangle like on earlier Treos with GPRS.
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    Green arrows represent a live GPRS connection. Black arrows represent a live CSD connection.

    FS: GSM Treo 600 with Accesories.... here.

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