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    Don't know what happened to that message. Well my case shipped (cell style) this morning and should be here monday (according to UPS)
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    I shipped mine back, first there are 2 holes in the back of the case, which you think would match up to the camera BUT nope , so the camera is covered (no big deal) but you have two holes in the back for nothing. Also I bought the flap style so I could carry a few credit cards and money so i wouldnt need my wallet. Well that doesnt work, it was so tight space that after 1 hour of trying to make the leather softer the card still almost never fit. Good luck pulling them out after forcing them in. Also, I put a DL and 2 credit cards in the pocket and almost couldnt shut the flap, matter of fact it was so tight it keep turning on my keyboard i guess since i was hitting buttons with the flap while trying to close it.
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    Actually... the holes in the back of the case are for the reset button (very important in my opinion) and the speaker. I thought i'd be annoyed about the camera being covered, but its not too much trouble to undo the snap for the few times i actually use the camera.
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    They ship no matter what you want. I had ordered the cases. Got tired of being mis-informed about delivery time and time again so I cancelled them. I received a confirmation of the cancellation. About a week latter I received a confirmation stating that the cases were going to ship. I answered and informed them that I had cancelled them. Then stated that they knew that and this confirmation was a mistake. Guess what arrived today!!!!!
    Is anyone in this industry competent. This is a technology driven industry. A cancellation should not produce a black hole!
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    Well, I received my case and its on right now. Not too bad... the bottom sags off the synch port just a little but other than that, it's great to have a case on there.
    Good luck guys!

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