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    Originally posted by tmc19108

    Actually the Best Buy warranty is lacking.

    Will they replace it if you drop it,
    loose it
    have it stolen
    crack the screen

    Nope, they will not replace it for any inflicted damage - only if the phone malfunctions.
    Really? And Sprint replaces it if you lose it?
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    yeah. the best buy warranty sucks. do NOT waste your money on it. i actually used to like best buy alot but they have changed their "Purchase Protection" policies in the last year and now they suck.

    you used to be able to get the "Purchase Protection" at best buy and you could return your phone if you had bad reception, or basically for whatever reason you wanted and they would give you a new one. you could even get a different phone if you wanted. that is gone now though and they dont even give you a new one anymore. now they try to fix it and if they cant, then you get a replacement. not to mention its a rip off, like $80 bucks or something for the treo i think, and it doesn't really cover anything good.

    meanwhile circuit city is WAY better. i bought their plan "Protection Plan" and I was able to replace my phone a few times. Once there was actually nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a newer phone that came out and i brought it in an they let me swap it for a different phone, same price, no problem. they are much, much more lenient. (this was not with a treo though, with an a500 and an 8100)

    the only problem is circuit city no longer carries sprint you can't get a treo or anything like that there.

    bottom line...the only insurance that will replace your phone if you break it or if its stolen is Sprint's $4 monthly fee...which is well worth it for the treo 600. get that and dont bother with anything else.
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    1) let the phone fully dry & it will work fine. 2) let Sprint replac it undr warranty if you do need it replaced (don't tell them you dropped it in the toilet).
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    Some phones now have a water detection mechenism in them. There will be somthing that changes color in the unit if it has been exposed to water.

    This exact thing happend to my dad and his LG phone. They called him back and said they wouldnt warrenty it. :/

    The toilet is a dangerous place.
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    I haven't been able to stop laughing all the way thru this thread.

    I thought the title was hilarious, but you guys ACTUALLY HAVE SOLUTIONS to fix it. LMAO

    If it does work, he can cut off the antenna and then maybe some of those cool SD toys will finally fit ... maybe even a camera!
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    Originally posted by mblank
    As a public service, might I suggest these other items for the "don't" list:
    Okay, thanks, but now how am I going to keep my airplane from rolling all over the tarmac?
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    I'm in the process of trying some of the restoration techniques posted. I'll keep everyone posted about the success/failure of them. Seriously, though, I use the Handspring horizontal case, and I think it fell off because, after a few days of use, the belt clip expanded and began to fit my belt loosely. Somehow, though, the case still works after the dunk
    Don't drop your phone in the toilet. Seriously.
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    scrinch: That's easy. Your old Treo 300.

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    Originally posted by tmc19108

    Actually the Best Buy warranty is lacking.

    Will they replace it if you drop it,
    loose it
    have it stolen
    crack the screen

    Nope, they will not replace it for any inflicted damage - only if the phone malfunctions.
    Agreed! The $4/month with Sprint is an Insurance Policy. The deal with Best Buy is an extended Warranty, which also means you're paying for the balance of time AFTER Handspring's warranty too, making it even less of a deal than it might seem.

    And having had to deal with Best Buy's repair desk for some computer issues, I certainly wouldn't want my phone in their hands.
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    I know some people have had good results with Worst Buy for phones, but I have just had the worst CS experience of my life. They told me, when they sold me my digital camera 2 years ago, that the warranty covers instant replacement if they can't fix it on the spot. Well well well, when it comes time to use the warranty, it's a 1-month wait through their repair center? Ok, that's bad enough. What's worse is when they don't even have the camera for you to pick up after that month is over, on the date quoted on the service receipt.
    After almost 45 days, I finally decided to call the local store and national POS CS and complain to anyone who would answer. Later that night, I get a call saying that my camera is ready for pickup. I KNOW they've changed their policies since I bought my camera 2 yrs ago. But the worst part is, if I go into the store TODAY trying to buy a new camera, they'll STILL give me the same 'instant replacement' BS.

    I will never buy anything from there again, (and haven't). My Treo 600 warranty is from Sprint.

    ...That feels better...
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    I have had 3 phones experience water damage.

    First was Motorola StarTac due to being thrown into a pool. Battery was on, not removeable so slowly phone short-circuited itself to death.

    Next phone was Nokia 3210 into a toilet (post flush). Fished it out, removed the cover and battery. Then removed the top cover and removed any remaining water with towel and left it open to dry. Next day re-assembled and all was fine.

    Next my wife dropped my Treo 270 into a shallow pool. Immediately fished it out but non-removeable battery so couldn't turn it off, watched it short-circuit itself to death. I then disassembled and removed all traces of water and re-assembled. Was able to exchange it with Handspring distributor for small fee

    Moral of the story, phones with removeable batteries are your friends, water is not

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    Originally posted by jlhopwo
    Um, no way he can sell a phone replaced on an insurance policy on ebay or anywhere. After the swap, than ESN is done, over, fine, gone-for-ever. If you tried to call Sprint to activate that phone, they'd say sorry, pal, you've been had. That phone was traded in on an insurance claim, it wil NEVER ever be activated again.
    I must disagree with you because I've had a few friends activate phones that were called in lost, but later found or returned, and there was never any questions asked. MAYBE if the phone was claimed as stolen, then they might deactivate the esn, but not for lost phones.

    I am assuming that if somebody finds a phone and wants to use SPCS service, they're going to let you pay them. Why wouldnt they? It was found, not stolen.

    This has been the funniest thread since the phone came out. hahahahaha...laffing all the way!

    The replacement program is the best, no questions asked! Only a police report is needed if it is stolen. How much does the Best Buy Warranty cost?
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    Unfortunately, I too have joined the toilet dippers club. No visible water damage, but all the buttons are funky. Waited a day and took it to the Sprint store and the technician said it had been water damaged and was not under warranty. I had not gotten the insurance policy and they want to charge me $600 for the replacement. Do I have any options?
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    Wow lots to add to this thread:

    About 3 months ago I had the same thing happen to my T68. I have a shelf above my toliet and the damm thing got bumped and fell right in . The toliet water was clean, so no problem there. I let it dry out for probably 8 hours. Only damage now is when ever I plug in the charger (ac or dc) the unit turns biggie.

    If you are ever worried about corrision they make sprays to prevent / remove corrosion as long as you get to it real fast.
    This stuff had just come out in 1990 when I first used it. I fly electric powered R/C planes/helicopters and about 3 months ago I lost a prop and had to crash land my plane in the bay (brackish water). I had just installed a new $$ brushless motor and lipo battery the night before and I was not about to lose that. I went swiming ..plane was in the water between 60-90 seconds. As soon as I got back to land I removed the battery and put it on the ground . I ran home and put everything in fresh water, ran to the electrical supply house and got some of the spray I mentioned. The brand I got this time is called MG chemicals - Safety Wash Cleaner / Degreser. Ran back home, took everything apart and sprayed it all down. I saved everyting except the speed controller which short circuited when it hit that brackish water with power stiill supplied. Speaking of which , many cell phones use lithium poly batteries just like my plane. These are fantastic batteries but they will short circuit and can cause fires. Cell phones are supposed to have safety features agaist this but be carefull since you can not remove the 600's battery. I have been told you should wait about 10 min after a lipo battery gets wet/short circuits to make sure it doesn't go up in smoke.

    I am glad to hear the comments about the extended warrenty issues. Best buy tried to sell me that with my first 600. I would have bought it but they were honest enough to admit they would not replace it if it got damaged.

    I just ordered a new one from amazon and wondered if the sprint warrenty was any better and it sounds like it is.

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    Does sprint really work that close with the insurance company that the two would get together and check ESN's... i doubt it. Its a miracle sprint customerservice even knows what an ESN is. Besides when your phone doesnt get dunked in water you send it back to them and they refurbish it and put them back on the market. Im not condoning scaming the insurance co in anyway, but if your phone is broke and they dont want it back and it dries out and works again then, thats just good luck, not a scam. It happens.

    Another Note:

    My Dad accadently got in the hot tub with his Treo 300 on and it killed it. Called insurance and got his replacement. Then he lost his 2nd 300, and got a replacement, but they canceled his insurance for a year. He now has the 600 with no insurance. We will see how long this lasts. :-)

    I had my treo 300 replaced once after i accadently tried to push the flip earpiece into my inner ear so i could hear the person i was talking to better :-) All i heard was a snap. Superglued it for a week then called for my insurance replacement.

    Bottom line is insurance is worth it!
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    Well, I've had no luck restoring the dunked phone, but I couldn't be more impressed with Sprint's insurance provider lock\line. This whole incident went down (haha) Thursday morning. Called it in Thursday afternoon, and got my replacement in Monday morning. They overnighted that badboy, and what's best, it wasn't a refurb, but a brand new, in-the-box phone. $4/month is a *small* price to pay. With my SD card and an automated backup from BackupMan, I was up and running to pre-toiilet specifications in no time.
    Don't drop your phone in the toilet. Seriously.
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    Just to add my own experiences...

    Way back before Treos, when I had Sprint's original (and later the dual band) Touchpoint, I had several issues with the antenna housing cracking (causing the antenna to move, which caused dropped calls, etc, etc). Didn't have the $4 plan (I was a cheapskate). Each time (except one), the SprintPCS store replaced the phone, no questions asked. The one time I got a hassle, I said, "Fine. Cancel my service." They asked why, and I told them - "I have no phone, I don't need service.. I'm not going to pay for a service I can't use..." I had a new phone before I left the store.

    Treo 300.. Given the price I paid, I figured $4 wasn't bad, plus, the company is paying the bill. I had a keyboard problem with the first one. Went to the local store whose brain surgeon kept doing a hard reset and sending me on my way. I could never get it to do it immediately after a hard reset (but usually could by the time I got home and before restoring the data).

    Went to another SPCS store... Swapped on the spot.

    Even though I have the $4, I will still go to the SPCS store. Why? I can't afford days of downtime with no phone (and no Palm!). I would rather cancel my account (and eat the $150) and go to another provider and get a phone immediately (and WLNP makes this easier now). I will gladly tell them that. I'm spending $100/month for service - the $150 termination fee doesn't scare me in the least, but the $100/month sure scares Sprint into doing the right thing. Oh, correction, make it $200 when you include the better half's phone and all the fees, etc.

    I do not fear the toilet; I am the almighty consumer.
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    Originally posted by mark3397

    Really? And Sprint replaces it if you lose it?
    Yep they sure will. Up to two times in a 12 month period. For a 500+ dollar phone its a no brainer for me .
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    Originally posted by muscoe
    Unfortunately, I too have joined the toilet dippers club. No ... (snip)
    I'm beginning to think a number of you have joined the toilet SIPPER's club.
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    yes, i too would tend to think that the toilet would be "not a good thing" to keep a $600 phone around.

    what a surprise tho, who would think a toilet would be a source of damage to a treo ? who`dve thunk it?
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