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    Has anyone, who currently has Sprint, been able to get a Treo 600 with the $50 Instant savings? I just bought a Treo from them and while I qualified for the $150 mail-in rebate (same phone for over 18 months) they wouldn't give me the $50 instant rebate.
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    When I bought my Treo 600 at Best Buy three weeks ago today, I did not receive any instant rebate.
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    Don't they have to honor the published price in their weekly ad?

    This week's Best Buy ad definitely has it for $599 - $50 rebate.

    Unpopular - My understanding is that if you bring a product back to Best Buy within 30 days of purchase, they will do something called a "buyback" which, in effect credits you the difference between what you paid and the current price.
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    Even better, since it is after Nov 1st, they have this 'Extended Return Period' due to the holiday. 30 days after Christmas. So, I think I have insurance if the price drops between then. I argued with them for some time but I relented and just bought the damn thing. I figured I can always go to another store to get the $50 if anyone has been successful.
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    I got the Instant Savings today. No questions asked. I was only given $50 plus tax, not the additional 10%.

    I bought mine on October 24th from the store in Milpitas, Ca.
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