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    I just received my GSM Treo 600 from Handspring and when I put in my SIM card, the display reads PAC BELL instead of Cingular. All I did was swap the card from my Treo 180 that displayed Cingular. Why isn't it displaying Cingular?
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    Where you originally a PacBell wireless customer? Maybe you have an old sim that still branded PacBell.
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    I was an old Pac Bell customer years ago, but at that time I had a different SIM card. I left PacBell and went to Sprint, but then I went back to Cingular when the Treo 180 was released. When I received the new Treo 180, it had a new SIM card. Well, my T180 broke and I took out the SIM card and put it into my old PacBell phone that I had 5 years ago and the display read PacBell. My thought it was because the firmware in the old phone had never heard of Cingular because this was way before the merger/aquisition.

    I hope that my old PacBell phone hasn't done anything to my SIM card and will make it act differently on my new T600 (which I love, by the way)
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    I posted this quirk a week ago in the US GSM forum...

    You must be using an old Pac Bell SIM card. If your SIM is like mine it says "Pacific Bell" on one side and has a blue sky/cloud pattern on the other side. This older PAC BELL SIM forces my Treo 600 to display PAC BELL as my current wireless system while on Cingular (not roaming)

    If I replace my Treo 600 SIM with my wife's (newer) Cingular SIM. The Treo 600 will read "Cingular" as the current wireless carrier...

    I have also inserted SIMs from O2, SFR & Vodifone and have ssen them come up as "ROAMING" on AT&T's system and Cingular.

    I guess that the Treo 600 can tell that the Pac Bell SIM is on it's native/home system and it lists the name that is programed on the SIM. When it is ROAMING it gets the system name from the tower.

    On the other hand, the same "older" Pac Bell SIM reads as "Cingular" on my 180 and 270 Treos. The older TREO's must have defaulted to the tower's system name even while it was on it's home network. If I can recall, durring the name change from Pac Bell to Cingular on my original Treo 180 I would see both Pac Bell and Cingular show up as my provider depending on the cell site I was in at the time and if that cell tower had been converted to the new Cingular name.

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