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    I just wonder if i can use my old treo serial code buy two cingual treo 600 in $399 price? and if the cingual treo 600 which I choose "ALREADY HAVE A PLANA" buying with $399 can insert other sim card such as China Telecome and use in china?

    thx a lots!
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    I'm gonna try.

    You can only buy one treo 600 at the upgrade price per serial number.

    the cingular phone is said to be un-locked, so you should be able to use it with china telecom.
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    I am in china by now. so do u think is it possibly that i use my serial code to buy order a cingula treo 600 from the HS website in a price $399 and ask somebody bring back to china?

    And do u know if chinese sms support by now? and how long will the order been delivered?

    thx !
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    up.anyone have idea about it?
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    after i place an order on HS website, i found this info

    Carrier Credit Check Failed:Your account was not approved by the mobile phone service provider due to a failed credit check. Please contact Handspring customer care if you need further information.

    means that I still need have contract with cingular,if I dont have than the order will be failed,right?

    I am in china,how can i have contract with cingular?!

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    Try calling Handspring and asking them. I think you can do it.

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