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    I am an existing Cingular customer. I placed my order for a Treo 600 from them early in the morning on 11/10. At the time, I was told that the phone was in stock and that I would recieve it within 3-4 days. My credit card was charged at that time.

    It is now 11/20, and the phones seem to be on indefinite backorder. If they ever actually had them in stock, they sold out immediately. Every day I call, I'm given a new date to call back and check. Nobody seems to know what's actually going on.

    Has anyone here actually recieved their Cingular ordered Treo600?
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    this my 1st post. I too am an existing cingular customer upgrading to gsm, and ordered the treo 600 for myself and the se t616 for my wife. I was assured by the salesperson that the treo's were in stock, but when I called yesterday to check on the status the said they were receiving a new batch, and I was on that list. As i checked my status on the web site today there was no change, still said backordered. Slighty pissed.
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    I did. I drove down to the store yesterday. Asked for one, they pulled it out of the back. Handed credit card and was on my mery way.

    the phone is great.

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    How and here are you checking on your order status?
    That is one of the most frustrating aspects of all of this for me. Everytime I call, I have to start from scratch, have someone tell me that the phone is on its way, only to find out they're mistaken.
    If they had told me when I ordered that it could be 2-4 weeks, and that my card wouldn't be charged until the phone shipped, I could understand all this.
    I'm going to head to my local Cingular store this afternoon to check on stock.
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    on the cingular main page in the middle there is an order status link. enter your shipping zipcode and your phone number.
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    Originally posted by farzonalmaneih
    I did. I drove down to the store yesterday. Asked for one, they pulled it out of the back. Handed credit card and was on my mery way.

    the phone is great.

    Congrats! you finally got yourself one!
    Did you get it from that person on howardforums who told you to contact her?
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    i am upgrading from a 270 to the 600 called cingular to pay my bill on the 14th they told me "OH i see you called a while back to see when the 600 model would be out.. i'm happy to tell you we have these now!" Me being who i am.. was like HELLLL YEAH HOOK IT UP!!!.. placed the orded said i should get it 2-3 biz days.. monday the 17th rolls around i call to get a tracking number.. they tell me.. "i'm sorry sir these phones are not avail at the moment they are back orded -29 to be exact" i'm like WHAT!!! i was told they were in stock.. so they give me a number to the warehouse dept. and advise i call them to see when they should get a new shipment.. call them.. they tell me the same thing and to call back the next day and see if there is an update.. tuesday same deal.. wed.. same deal.. today.. i was told they had 7 in stock.. but see my order still in a "processing" state ... but was also told there systems got upgraded and are taking a few days longer to update then usual.. so from -29 to +7 i'm think'n those of us who ordered directly from cingular will be getting them soon.... GOD I HOPE!!!
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    Thanks Screwhead. Don't know why I never noticed that link.

    My order lists two items: "SIM" and "charger". I had ordered a car adapter in addition to the phone. I'm hoping that SIM refers to the entire phone with preprogrammed SIM card. Otherwise there's no mention of the phone itself. Obviously both items are listed as backordered.
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    block u might want to call them then.. cause mine came out like this...

    Item Name Item Number Quantity Ordered

    SIM Card 62055 1
    Handspring Treo 600 63126 1
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    i'm sorry i take that back.. if i look at the web.. mine says the same as yours.. i was refering to the email they sent me on my last post..
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    on my order status the sims are listed on back order as well as the phone (the treo). You would think that cingular would have plenty of sims in stock.
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    hm.. post disappeared.. i hope we get them soon.. i like seeing +7 in there stock then them telling me -29.. so hopefully

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    >>I'm going to head to my local Cingular store this afternoon to check on stock.<<

    So much for that. The guys at my local Cingular store (in Novato, CA) have never even heard of the Treo600.

    "Does it have a color screen or something?"

    Back to waiting (im)patiently.
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    Well I called cs this morning to check on my order, (treo 600 & se t616 ) and they told me that it was the t 616 on back order not the treo 600. Just wandering if anyone else has heard anything about their orders directly from cingular.
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    Once again called yesterday to check on my order.. NOW They won't even give me numbers... just plain and simple .. sir its on back order and we currenly have no est time on arrival for you..

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    I called my Cingular business contact here in NC on Tuesday. He said he could get me one, but his warehouse person told him it could take a week. He called back on Wednesday (yes, less than 24-hrs later) and said he had it in his hands. Due to his schedule and mine...I didn't get it until Thursday afternoon. I still have one on order from HS (...used the old Treo S/N deal).

    Here are my thoughts so far...

    The good:

    Screen is not as bad as people say. Its fine for a phone.
    Keyboard works very well.
    Overall size is great.
    D-pad is great!!
    Reception seems fine.

    The not so good:

    The outer case feels like it should be thicker..but I haven't had any problems with it.
    Screen is shifted to the left a little. The CDMA version is the exact same way.
    Its feels a little wierd when I hold it up to my head. This may just be me...I've had clam-shells for years.

    The bad:

    The camera sucks. I really don't care much about that anyway.
    The speaker phone sounds good to the user, but the caller on the other end often hears horrible echo. The mic's placement in respect to the built-in speaker is bad.

    Basically, the jury is still out. I'm glad there's a 15-day return period at Cingular.
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    Welp just got off the phone again with the ware house ppl.. they said your order has been set to "shipment in progress as of 8 am today" WAHOOOO i should have my T600 next week!!!! Wahoo!
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    Me again. 2 weeks now, with no change in status (I'm on hold now...)

    I'd be interested to hear when others ordered their Treo600s directly from cingular, and when (if) they received them. It would be useful ammunition once I get through. When I call direct, I'm still told that the phone are available for shipment now! Please mention what area of the country you're in...I'm not sure if this is pertinent.

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    well i called once again this morning, and the lady told me they sold out of their first batch, but they were getting more in tommorow (11/25). She told me I was going to be part of that shipment. This is the last time I'll ever order anything from cingular. By the way I'm in texas.
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    11/25 called shipping again.. for anyone that wants that number to call and bugg them.. 1-800-507-9213.. number i was giving.. Yesterday i was told i was giving incorrect information that my phone was in a "shipping" status.. yesterday i got the "still on back order speach" well as of today the lady said that they are expecting more phones on the 27th.. i'm like.. 27th thats a holiday.. "oh we are working that day" NEVER ever order something from these bozos they don't know their head from their @ssholes.... this is really annoying...
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