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    I ordered the Treo 600 from Cingular direct on 11/28. As of Today 12/7....on the status phone line it says my order has been shipped. On the website is states that it is backordered. Which one is correct?
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    I also ordered on 11/28.

    The phone order status says "Order received and is being processed"

    The WebSite indicates the products are backordered.
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    just got mine from fedex. now i have to charge it for 3 hours. i hope everybody else gets theirs.
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    Did you ever recieve email from Cingular with the Fedex shipping info or did it just show up today without warning? Even though my states via the automated phone system that it is shipped I cant get any more information like a tracking number.
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    My Treo 600 showed up this morning!

    The Website still says backordered.

    The status phone number still says Received and being Processed.

    Called customer service and they told me "Your Pick Ticket has been printed. That means it should ship within the next day or so"

    Looks like Cingular isn't keeping their systems up to date.
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    TechFreak & Screwhead

    Where are you guys located?

    I didn't get mine but I am in Southern California.

    I called Cingular Sales today and they told me that it shipped from Memphis TN but they could not tell me exactly when it shipped or provide a tracking number......incredible. Still no shipping email from Cinglular.
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    I just got my 2 from Cingular this morning. I had placed my order 11/10. So far so good. Just trying to figure out what to install on them and what accessories to buy now.
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    Where are you located? I'm in Northern California and also ordered on 11/10.

    Not to bore everyone here any more, but I still have seen no movement on my order. CSRs I'm speaking to today still claim that the phone is on backorder, believe it or not!
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    I am in central New Jersey. I went through some pain with my order, which I will not go into, but through the course of getting everything corrected, I got a good manager to handle things for me. He called me proactively every few days with an update and last week, told me I was number 70 in the waitlist. A big thanks to Peter at Cingular, if he ever sees this.

    FYI, the Cingular order status page showed my phone shipping 12/06 though the tracking number was invalid.
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    My Treo arrived today!!!
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    Me too!!!

    Unfortunately the bozos forgot to give me a SIM card so now it's off the the Cingular store to get one.
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    Day 29

    Maybe I'm just talking to myself now that you're all getting your phones...but I've got to get all of this crap off my chest.

    My order seems to be somehow stuck in limbo at Cingular. CSRs alternate between "if the phone is in stock you'll get your phone within 5-7 days" (even though my order was supposedly upgraded to "priority", and customers who ordered their phones after me have already recieved theirs) and "Sir, my records show that your phone is still on backorder".

    I finally got a CSR tonight that showed some sympathy. He gave me his full name and email address and promised to call back tomorrow. He has offered to place a new order for me. At this point, after all the confusion, I'm hesitant to end up with 2 phones and have to go through the hassle of getting a credit for $499. He also told me I should just buy a phone from a Cingular Store (last I checked, they still couldn't get them either...I'll check tomorrow). He told me that there were 3 factors leading to the confusion:
    1. Incredible demand for the 600 + insufficient supply
    2. Changing warehouses and/or warehouse tracking systems that confused everything.
    3. Number Portability transfer requests overwhelmed everybody.

    Just curious...could this be a problem with supplying phones to customers only in California? I noticed that those of you that have gotten your phones seem to be on the East Coast. Anyone here in CA get their 600s yet?
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    Today is one f---ing month since I placed my order.

    After talking to 2 different CSRs today, a new priority order was placed this afternoon.

    I just checked my online order status.
    You guessed it.

    "Items are backordered"
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    Wow, I must have been very lucky. I ordered the phone directly from Cingular, and new service less than two week ago. They said the phone was out of stock, but I should receive it soon -- I was very doughtful.

    Well, I received my phone today! I called Cingular yesterday and they said the phone was shipped. I did not believe them especially since they could not provide a tracking number. Well, something you just get lucky.
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    To blocktek:

    Dude, I live in northern california and I got my treo 600 today from Cingular. I got an email saying it shipped out on sunday!! but nobody could give me a tracking number or even the courier name. Fedex missed me tuesday but I got it today.
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    I returned today from a 5 day business trip to Southern California. My Treo was waiting for me. I'm charging it now.

    So, after a total of 38 days since I placed my order, I am finally putting this thread to rest.
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