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    i know who im gonna call bright and early tomorrow morning thanks for the post
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    Well...don't know if this is bad news or not. My original saleperson just called me after I fired off an email to her and her supervisor. She doesn't know where Colin is getting his info and claims that no phones are due anytime soon. She suggested I cancel my order and look elsewhere. I'm going to give Colin his chance and give it till at least Wednesday. Its not like I can find the phone anywhere else.
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    if you go to bestbuy you can get them for 50 bucks more then from cingular...

    this is really starting to **** me off..
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    I orginally had an order in with Handspring on 11/4 but cancelled last week and place an more expensive order with Cingular believing they had it in stock as I was told by telesales. I have a former employee that works for Cingular here in memphis in their DC. She says the next shipment is due 12/3 and said she would personally pull my order and ship next day......I hope HS doesnt falter on the Wednesday delivery.
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    Any idea how many are coming in?
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    I didnt ask her but I remember her saying the last shipment was 2000.
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    I talked to "jake" in sales just a while ago, I asked him what the deal with my order that i placed on 11/14 is. I played dumb like this is the first time i called. He said he has no idea when another shipment is due, but he said he got a company email that quite a few people weren't happy waiting for the treo.He then said cingular is "working" hard to get a new shipment and told me to call back friday. absolute b.s.
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    I retracted my order as of last night.. Cingular does not have a damn clue about customer care... 500 dollars to a company like this... forget them.. i'm not even gonna do business with them any longer.... instead i'm gonna spend 200 and buy a new toy...

    now thats worth the money...!!!!!!!!
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    Day 23

    No one at Cingular knows anything. The CSR I spoke to this morning says an email circulated that said they were supposed to recieve a large shipment of phones today, but didn't. She had no idea why. Neither did she have a new expected delivery date. I can't believe that they are getting the same line from Handspring. "Uh...the phones are on backorder. You'll get them someday". I left messages for both Desiree (my first CSR) and Colin (the CSR that PROMISED that my phone would ship today), but neither ever called back.

    I called Handspring. They acknowledged that they haven't been able to supply their vendors. I complained that I ordered the phone from Cingular on their recommendation because I already had a Cingular account. He offered to sell me a phone for $699. Thanks. Of course, they are shipping within a week now.

    I recieved my Bellagio cases today. Very nice. I'm wearing it on my belt and pretending to use my phone.
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    Day 24

    Inventory at Cingular now shows negative 300 units. All the CSRs can tell me is that the phones are still "on backorder" with no expected date of delivery. Doesn't anyone there find this odd after a month?

    My upcoming travel jobs just went away, so I guess my need for an international-roaming capable phone is not as dire. I suppose I'll ride this thing out to its conclusion. They've GOT to get the phone eventually, right? My worry is that the phones have been sitting in their warehouse all this time, and its just the orders that are in limbo.
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    Ordered mine on Nov 22, got it today. It's on the desk charging.
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    Let me get this straight. You ordered directly from Cingular? What part of the country are you in?
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    Thought everyone would get a kick out of the email I just recieved from my CSR at Cingular.

    I understand your frustration but I spoke with Jewel Jackson who is in our Memphis warehouse and currently we are back ordered on the Treo I wish there was quick way to have that phone sent out to you but there is not. I know it sounds ridiculous, I don't understand myself why Handspring is not able to supply us with sufficient Treo's. I am still monitoring your order to see when your phone will ship out but right now we are out of the phones I just checked our inventory and we have none in stock I was told that we anticipated some by Friday, I will not be in on Friday but will be back on Saturday so I can email you with further information at that time. Have you checked any of our stores I know they don't have any because I have called a few locations. Sorry, for the delay.
    Note: the punctuation (or lack thereof) is hers...

    I want to add that I don't blame this CSR at all. I'm just amazed that her supervisors aren't giving her any more information than this. I imagine they are getting quite a few calls about the shortage, yet every CSR I speak to acts as if this is the first they've heard about it. You would think there would be some kind of unified "company line" on the situation. If there was, I wouldn't have to call back 3 times in a day to get 3 completely different stories...
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    Oops, my appologies. I ordered mine from Handspring, not Cingular. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Day 26

    Just got this email from my CSR:

    I am still checking on your order and so far this still has not shipped out as yet I will call our Memphis shipping department on Monday and speak with Jewel to see what is going on.
    When I call 877 782 8870 (the automated order status line), I am now told that my order is "being processed". Up until now it has said "the items are backordered".

    After polling other contributers to this thread, I've come to the conclusion that no one else has actually recieved a Treo 600 from Cingular (unless you count those few lucky souls that ordered on the 10th and got theirs before stock ran out...what was the initial inventory? 3?)

    I think I'm going to call Handspring again on Monday to find out why they aren't delivering units to Cingular while Amazon and their own sales department are shipping within the week, if not overnight.
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    I got the same message that you did from the automated call in number, but the web page still shows status as backordered.

    I spoke to someone in sales today who said that phones had just come in but that sometimes the orders aren't being released by the system due to a glitch. He put me on hold for 3 minutes and then said that he had manually released my phone and that it should be shipped out Monday.

    I have no idea if he is full of it or not, but hope springs eternal.
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    Hell must have froze over. I called the order status line sunday morning and its says my order has shipped.
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    Its very cold here in Atlanta. FedEx tracking numbers are now available at the site!!!!
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    Hey!! Mine is still listed as backordered! Whats up with that!

    I guess I'll be calling Cingular today after all...
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    CSR I just talked to tells me that "your phone is on backorder. I show no Treo 600's in stock. Ya' know, we had a whole bunch of them when they first came out...I guess we sold out!"

    I mentioned that others with similar order dates were getting tracking numbers and he suggested that maybe they'd sold out again? Told me to call back tomorrow.

    I think I'm gonna cry.
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