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    Oh yeah and i'm in Tennessee
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    Day 15.

    Web page still lists "items backordered". An operator at the shipping department (?) told me that her system showed -95 units in stock. Then she said that they had just recieved 60 units, but then realized that that shipment was dated 11/6. She said that there is absolutely no way to know how far down the queue I am. I keep having to remind them that they've had my money since the 10th. To be fair, I blame Handspring as much as Cingular for this debacle. They build incredible hype around a product that they are not capable of shipping. I just wish Cingular would be more proactive about notifying me of delays.

    I just had another operator tell me that he shows -98. He says there is a large advertisement going out for the Treo 600 this week, so he assumes (!) that they will have stock in by the end of the week to support it. HA!
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    When I ordered from "Arnold" at 11am today, he said -98 but thought 10 or 11 days....Since I have a Sprint T600 already, I'm not dying...but the coverage in Houston is TERRIBLE so want to give it to family member in Tulsa (good Sprint coverage) and stay with Cingular here in Houston.

    Anybody using Cingular's GSM network in Houston?
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    I'm in san antonio, and from what ive seen from friends phones is the gsm coverage is just as good if not better than the tdma service.I cant wait to get my damn treo.
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    is gettin a little outta control isn't it... SUCKS!!!!
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    Day 16.

    Cingular rep tells me that they are expecting to be able to ship sometime NEXT week. Still can't tell me where I am in the queue.

    Local stores acknowledge that they can't seem to get the phones as promised either. "Maybe you'll have better luck ordering the phones direct from Cingular".

    I see on this board that people who ordered Cingular phones directly through Handspring on 11/11 are beginning to recieve them now. Hrmph.
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    Day 18

    I was told late Wednesday that a large shipment had been recieved and that the 600s were now fully stocked. The operator told me to call back on Friday to get a tracking number.

    This morning, I'm told that the phone is still "on backorder" and that nobody has ANY idea when I'll get it. Supposedly there are -148 in stock right now!!!

    When I lost it, I was transferred to "customer service". I thought " I'll finally get someone to complain to!". This woman was totally clueless, and transferred me to, you guessed it, Telesales.

    At this point, I'm still playing the game. The rep in Sales tells me that "Sir, we don't carry the Treo 600. You must've ordered it directly from Handspring.". If I'd been using my cordless phone, I would have hurled it into the middle of the street now. "Thats wrong." I flatly told her. When she finally finds the order, she tells me that "that phone is on backorder, there are 148 on order, and you'll get yours on a first-come first-served basis". I told her that I'd placed my order on the first morning that they were available, and she offered no explanation.

    I'm ready to completely cancel my order and pull all of my business from Cingular forever at this point. If I'd ordered the phone directly from Handspring I'd have the phone by now. I can't get anyone at Cingular to admit to any wrongdoing or to even let me register a complaint. They know they've got me and can deliver any kind of lousy service they desire.
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    i feel your pain block.... i called today. and i got a message they were closed today.. ??!?
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    if they wouldn't have already billed my card I would have cancelled already.For a company as big as cingular to have a every sales person tell you a different story is ridiculous.
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    yeah i've not been charged.. but i have them breaking the payment up on my bill.. so.. if i get a bigg this month with it on there.. i will be pissed...
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    Okay, not to belabour a point, but I need to vent somewhere...

    I called back again, amazed that I can't seem to get ahold of anyone in any authority. I spoke to an operator who stayed on the line while she connected me with sales. She "confided" in me that Cingular has had the phones in stock for some time now, but that they are in the process of moving their warehouses, and this has held up many orders. She said that orders were shipping now. When I told her that the webpage and information line still list my phone as backordered, she was surprised. She offered to write up another 'trouble ticket' for me. When I told her that I'd already had multiple tickets written, she said that every person that had ordered a phone in the past 2 weeks had filed a ticket and so the warehouse was just ignoring them! She told me that my original salesperson, Desiree, would be getting back to me within 24 hours. I've been calling Desiree's extension for a week now. It just rings and rings. We'll see.

    I sure wish I could find a direct number for this fabled "warehouse!"
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    that number i posted earlier in the post.. i was told that is the "warehouse"
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    ....Just think, 30-60 days from now all this will seem like anceint history and there will be plenty of treos on all the store display cases just waiting to be bought!

    ...Still waiting in Arkansas!
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    Yup, that's the number I'm calling, alternating with the 888 333 2355 main sales number. Its amusing to see how many different excuses you can get by speeddialing each number is succession.
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    Day 19

    Now I'm told that current stock is -200.

    Why are they even taking taking orders still?
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    A poster named RUNNER mentioned in another thread that he got a$100 certificate to use on his bill or for accessories. You guys heard of this? My sales rep says he has redeemed a few, but does not know where the customers got them.
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    Called again today... first the "warehouse" number they said they dont' know... funny they answered my questions last time.. xfer me to billing.. oh we dont' know... xfer me to sales.. little old ladies tells me they are now -219 in stock.. and she does not know when they will get the phones... funny i was told last wed they would have some in on turkey day... so she tells me she needs to get ahold of the place that fills the orders... i ask for their number... oh i can't give you that... i will have to email them for an answer... can i have their email address.. oh no i can't give you that..?? WTF are you good for then.. she says she can email me when she gets responce... these people have no idea what the hell they are doing.... 219 in the hole.. who the hell is head of their productivity? cause he needs to be fired!
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    > ...219 in the hole.. who the hell is head of their productivity?...

    Handspring/palmOne is.

    If appearances are correct, palmOne is literally building to order - that is, they are accumulating sufficient orders FIRST before ordering a production run from Solectron. Estimates of what a "production run" is vary all across the board with the lowest being about 2500 units (a message on this thread a couple messages below says 2000 is the order size that Cingular will be getting).

    If that IS the case, then 219 doesn't begin to approach the number of ordered units necessary to get palmOne to tell Solectron to "do it again".

    [I would bet that palmOne wouldn't order a production run untl they have 75+% of it already sold, if they are indeed in "accumulate orders, do a run" mode]

    [as a corollary to all this - if palmOne is indeed in "accumulate orders, do a run" mode, then it is to their advantage to produce unlocked units - a plus for those who want to buy them]
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    that maybe the case.. but when i'm told they have the phone in stock.. JUST TO MAKE a sale.. thats just not right... so maybe its not the "head of production" thats at fault here.. its the money grubbing CEO's who say SELL SELL SELL!!!!! no matter what the case is... F O K E R S!
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    Day 21

    I called this morning and spoke to "Colin" (888 333 2355 x 13062). After initially giving me the same line about items being on backorder, Colin put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. When he came back on the line, he told me that a shipment of 2000 units was expected on Wednesday. He told me that he would be upgrading my shipping to "priority" and that the phone would "definitely" be shipped on Wednesday. When I told him that I'd been offered similar promises over the past 3 weeks and couldn't find anyone to complain to, he offered me not only my original salesperson's, but also her supervisor's email addresses.

    I sure hope this is it. One of the reasons for upgrading my phone in the first place was that I will be leaving the country on business within the next few weeks. I need to be able to take advantage of international roaming. My current phone can't. If Cingular can't actually provide the Treo 600's after all, I need to act quickly to get another phone (and/or another provider).
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