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    Anyone else have this problem?

    When I press the applications button, or the calendar button, or the email button, or the web button, I get a "multiple button press" sound -- the "blip" sounds about five times. It doesn't really act like anything is wrong (i.e. it doesn't shuttle through five button presses), but it is annoying and it gives me the impression that something is not right.

    If I hard reset will I lose all the Sprint phone information? I'll try that (to solve this and other problems) if it might clear up whatever apps are giving me headaches. My other issue is that the Treo 600 seems VERY slow lately. Music stutters through Pocket Tunes and things are performing more at Visor Prism speed than at Treo 600 speed. I'm guessing it's an app... I just don't know which one (or if just "removing" it will solve the problem).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, I'm getting the same thing. It works fine, but I do get the multiple button sound most of the time. Very very strange. I also noticed that I see to get it more frequently over time, it didn't happen much at first. I don't have any hacks or anything unusual installed.
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    Well, I called Sprint about a PCS Vision problem I was having (i.e. no access). They had me do a soft-reset which fixed the problems. Screwy... but a solution anyway.

    It also apparently solved the PCS Vision problem, too. That problem was here and there, however, so it is hard to know if the problem is really solved.

    Anyway... we're back working fine again.

    P.S. Sounds like a Windows or Pocket PC solution -- "Just reset your machine."
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    I've got the multiple button sound disease too, and a soft reset didn't help.
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    I'm using a GSM Treo 600 and the soft reset seems to have fixed it for now. We'll see if it comes back.

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