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    Did anyone watch West Wing last night? Did Josh Lyman receive a call on a 600 while they were walking to the Hill?
    Was I imagining that? Or was that just a mirage, my eyes seeing Treos in all sorts of places, except my hand?
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    I had to rewind it on my Tivo and look again. But it did look like a 600.
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    funny, I thought the same thing but figured it was because I was playing with my 600 at the time
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    Got it on Tivo... gotta watch for it tonight

    So much for not allowing camera phones in government buildings
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    I got a private message (not sure why he didn't just reply to the post) indicating that he through it was a Samsung i330 (?).
    He also used his Tivo to rewind. Maybe I need to get me one of those ;-)
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    I didn't even need to rewind and pause it. Maybe it was because I was watching it in HDTV, but it was most definitely a Samsung i330 and not a Treo. Actually, I first thought it was a Pocket PC phone, but then he moved it away from his head at the end of the phone call and you could clearly see it was the Samsung.
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    i thought it was a 600 too... i yelped with glee when I saw it now :-(
    oh well...

    still waiting for a tmo 600
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    I don't think it was a Treo 600. I am pretty sure that it was a SamSung I330. If you look, there was no camera on the back.
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    Nope, wasn't a Treo 600. I have seen a good ammount of what look to be newer cell phones on the show. Perhaps the mobile phone industry is doing what others have been doing in films for a while...product placement.

    Besides the Samsung phone last night, I've seen a bunch of either SPCS or Verizon phones on the show (I couldn't make out a logo but the design was such that it could have been those two.) Also Charlie had a silver phone strapped to his hip (looked like a Samsung too). They also make references to Starbucks coffee...oops. Off on a tangent.

    Anyway, perhaps we'll see a Treo 600 on the show somewhere.

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    That was the PPC i700 model - look close. Someone's paying for some interesting product placements these days.
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    I think advertisers are looking ahead to the unavoidable future of time-shifted viewing. With TiVo-like technologies, there are only a few ways to make your ads effective:

    (1) slow-motion visual ads. Text that stays on screen for a long time. This gets fast-forwarders (who, if you own a TiVo you know this, are watching the screen more intently than at any other time). Ads that are impactful when fast-forwarded are a great idea.

    (2) product placement. I notice some shows really going all-out, like CSI in particular. I notice that every time they use a piece of lap equipment or a funky piece of crime-fighting technology the brand is very prominently visible on screen.
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    Don't watch ads fast forward -- get 30 second skip. Try this:

    While watching a program that is playing back -- press [select] [play] [select] [3] [0] [select]. That will make your advance button become a 30 second skip button ([select] is the center button on your directional pad).

    Sorry... this is WAY off topic.
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    Originally posted by franspace
    I got a private message (not sure why he didn't just reply to the post) indicating that he through it was a Samsung i330 (?).
    He also used his Tivo to rewind. Maybe I need to get me one of those ;-)
    Just imagine fast forwarding thru those lame-o informercials and taking a snack or ? break without missing anything.....saving shows for later view, it's the best thng since sliced bread, almost
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    Just saw josh using his TREO tonight on the final show of the season.... cool, no mistaking it, and i've been seeing more around the office and restaurant owners here in austin

    oh, and the tivo thing is like broadband, but i think there's a mile long thread on this back on visorcentral!

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    you guys are such geeks! LOL
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    In the hospital scene I THOUGHT it was a treo, but at the dinner scene, I'm almost SURE it was a sprint treo 600.
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    Yes, in the restaurant it was a dark Treo 600. Of course in Germany it really wouldn't be a CDMA phone, but I doubt that the cast went to Germany to film the scenes.
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    It was most definately a Treo 600 that Josh was using in the season finale. Pausing TIVO you could clearly see the buttons on the top and the camera lens on the rear in a couple of scenes.
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    I notices that too - but noted the color (black) and figured it wouldn't be working overseas...nice try, though.
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    at the dinner scene it was definately a sprint treo 600
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