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    Only b/c Josh is my favorite character, and we both have a habbit of "owning" the same phone for most of the last year... I can confirm that he's been using the t600 for at least a couple of episodes now. I know last week, and at least once or twice I have seen it before. Also, he was using a i330 earlier in the season...

    Why do I keep up with this, b/c prior to that he had an n400 (when I had a n400), and ironically, when I first got my i95 from Nextel he started using one not long after. The i95 is what Leo was using this week as well.

    Its become a bit of a game for me to pay attention to what cell phones people use in prime time, ever since 24 came out. Its funny to watch the many different types of phones that they use in a give 24 hour period.

    (that game first started when I noticed my old i300 in the first season of 24)
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    Glad I am not the only one who not only saw Josh using the CDMA version in Germany, but thought enough of it to post that up on here. I was not going to say anything at first for fear of looking obsessed. Of couse, I am so what's the difference?
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    It was a T600 in the restaurant scene. I paused, rewound, and crowed to my wife that if it's good enough for Josh Lyman it's good enough for me.

    She rolled her eyes and went back to her Mac.

    On TV shows, though - it's quite prevalent. If you watch "24", you'll realize that the entire US Security establishment would collapse were it not for Sprint PCS and their 2-way radio service. Talk about gratuitous cell phone usage...
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    Funny enough, my wife actually spotted the Treo600 in the dinner scene and pointed it out to me! (I was fooling around with my Treo at the time, of course, and wasn't watching the show) I was quite proud of her for noticing.
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    Ditto - my wife and I were catching up on like 6 TiVo'd episodes of West Wing and she picked out the Josh Lyman reference from the very first post in this thread (walking to the Hill) and pointed it out to me. I too was proud! And then we noticed the rest of the Treo shots.
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    I noticed it too and paused my Dish PVR to show it to my wife . I wanted to post a thread the same day...but thought it was too lame to post about something like this....good to know others noticed and posted about it
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