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    I hope this is isolated, but please be on the look out for this.
    My T600 i 3 weeks old (first week end of release) and I've just noticed what appears to be fogging of the screen on the left hand facing edge about an 1/8 of inch from the edge toward the center in a half moon shape.

    It's reallly noticeable in Memo on a blank screen

    I will keep my eye on it and report any changes

    Anyone else notice any screen anomolies???
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    That doesn't sound like an anomolie to me! It sounds like a busted screen! I recommend you return it!
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    I am seeing the exact same thing sleibow, same location, same shape. Looks almost like magnetic discoloration but I don't think that's it.
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    I see this as well but have to angle the screen just right to see it (so not that big of an issue, yet). Staring at the screen head on it looks fine (with the screen on, nothing noticeable when the screen is off). For me, it starts about a half inch from the top and bottom of the screen, and extends out in a half moon to about half an inch towards the center.

    This is an old thread so wonder if anyone else sees this on theirs as well.
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