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    Would anyone know how to use the IR sync on Toshiba laptop (windows xp)with my t180? It doesn't seem to recognize the IR on my 180.

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    Assuming that you checked that your laptop IR port is okay (e.g. it's recognized with some other IRDA device), and that your various Hotsync and system settings are correct ...

    I know that some Treos seem to have a problem with the IRDA speed setting. I had trouble IR syncing my Treo 270 (gprs) until I manually set the IR port speed to 57,600. I did this through Windows XP (using device settings) but sometimes this might be done through the BIOS.

    You might want to try poking around the Handspring support knowledgebase. They actually had quite a few good articles on how to troubleshoot IR hotsyncing.

    Hope that helps!
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    I will try that. thanks. I checked the handspring support area but couldn't find anythng useful.

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