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    I noticed that Sprint want $5 extra for picture mail service. Is there a way to snap a picture with the Treo 600 and then email the picture through biz connection or some other email program? Would I have to use snappermail or something? Looking for a way to do it free.
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    Yes, it's very simple via 3rd party email client like snappermail or versamail. However I'ld recommend you try using the beta Handspring email client that you can download via the front page story on treocentral. The advantage of the Handspring client is that it can attach an image directly from the ram (treo picture app) and does not require you to first move the image to the SD card prior to attaching! This is very convenient and I use the Handspring client all the time to send pics to my photblog this way...
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    I just wish the Handspring app supported IMAP, because POP is so inflexible, IMHO.

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