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    I want to give my old T300 to my wife and add a T600 for me on Sprint. How can I go about getting the best deal? Thanks!!!
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    If you are activating a new line you can get $150 service credit by signing 2 year agreement, call 1.877.789.3969
    If you are upgrading 18month or older phone (keeping your old line) you can get $150 mail-in rebate and again have to sign up for 2 years. For mail-in rebate form walk into a Sprint Store.

    See if you can combine these - upgrade your line, then activate another. Good luck.
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    In the USA I cannot imagine buying ANY cellphone that needs anything carrier-contract-related prior to Monday, the day phone number portability goes into being.

    This weekend's ads whould be pretty amazing.
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    I'm wondering if you will be able to open a new line of service to get the "new customer" deal and then port your number to the new line ?

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