I need some help on hotsync with the Treo and Entourage which is operated with a Powerbook G4.

At present as a Palm TT user I am able to hotsync with the Palm and my Powerbook with no problems. Can I just hotsync the Treo out of the box (once charged of course) with the Powerbook and have all of the same data on my Palm sync'd with the Treo or do I have to do something special. Do I have to install the handspring software?

FYI, I had to install the MS Entourage Palm Conduit to make ithe Palm sync with Entourage.

Also can I maintain the Palm and the Treo sync'd to the Entourage or will that affect one or the other? I would like to maintain both the Palm and the Treo for a few moths to ensure that I really like the Treo

Thanks for any help on this.