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    I just bought a Treo 180 off E-Bay and everything seems to be ok with it.

    I am now trying to sync it with my Entourage that I have on my MAC PB G4. Prior to the Treo I was succcessfully able to sync with my Palm TT using the Entourage Conduit for all my Contacts, Calendar, To Do list and Memo.

    I just plugged the Treo via USB to my MAC and tried to hotsync. It copied all of the applications that I had downloaded on my Palm over to the Treo. However it did NOT copy any of the Contacts, Calendar, To Do list, or Memo contents from my Entourage over to the Treo

    Did I miss a step or should I be doing something else. Also is there any potential problems with using the Entourage as my main database and then sync both the Palm and Treo back to the Entourage regularly.

    Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.
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    Hey Mnala,

    I also use a Treo 180, Powerbook G4 and Entourage. Normally I do not have any problems. My couple of suggestions to you would be:

    1. Make sure you have the latest Entourage Conduit downloaded from MS.

    2. Open Hot Sync Manager and from a menu (ccan't remember right now which menu, but you'll find it) click on "conduit settings." This brings up a list of your conduits. Double-click on the entourage conduit in that list to bring up another dialogue box. There choose "Entourage overwrtes handheld" for the phone book, calendar, etc. The check box below each setting labled "do once then synch" should check itself automatically. This is good, it prevents you from having to go back later and reset these settings.

    Then hotsynch and see if that clears up the problem.

    If not, then I dunno what is wrong!

    Good luck.

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