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    Every other time I try to synch my new Treo 300 it fails. I have to hit cancel and start again. Anyone know what could cause this? It is with exception going to fail every other time I try. This is very annoying when I am trying run out the door.
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    I have my 3rd treo due to problems synching and the whole phone not working anymore. Thank goodness I had the replacement warranty agreement with Sprint because if not I would have had to buy another phone. They told me at the repair center that with the treo 300 it happens with many people. Just count your blessings that your phone is still working. The last phone I had they sent me was reconditioned and it did the same thing. I went to sync it with my stuff on my computer and it crashed completely.
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    More info needed

    What conduits do you have installed?
    Do you use Docs to Go, Inbox to Go, pdf viewer, etc???

    Where is it hanging (i.e. what does the dialog box say it is doing - calendar, contacts, backing up databases...)

    Since you are saying that the hotsync is commencing when you hit the buton I would put it squarely on something in your desktop configuration. Either a bad file, bad conduit, or a particular file that is making one of your cinduits go south on you.
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    actually I've been having a problem syncing too - my computer (a new Dell) spontaneously reboots when I hotsync sometimes. VERY annoying. Anyone experience this ?
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    I just set up a new Sony box with the Windows Media Center version of XP. When I sync the 300, its starts for about a minute, then the PC screen goes black and the machine restarts. The Treo HotSync manager reports the connection broken (no kidding !).

    I also set up a new Sony laptop with XP and it syncs fine with that machine, so its something specific on the desktop. This was happening on the native version of XP before I started loading applications.

    Anyone have similar experiences with XP ? I wonder if the Media Center editions plays a role in this.

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