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    Well.. after going through all the junk to get my upgrade to a GSM 600 from handspring, I just gave up and drove to Cingular and paid full price for one. It cost me 200 bucks more (599), and I am glad I did it!

    I have it charging right now so I cant really give any detailed input on it yet, but what I do know is ITS SOOOOO MUCH SMALLER than you think! This thing is SMALL. Its amazing, I really cant believe they were able to reduce it by that much. If you havent seen one of these in person, be prepared for a big surprise. The screen is brighter too.

    I will be sure to fill in with detail when its charged and I can play around with it.
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    Glad to hear at least that you found one!
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    Congrats! You're on T-Mobile, correct? Please advise as to your experience.

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    Yes on Tmobile. Being in the computer business(IT Consultant), be prepared to have all your technical questions answered. Feel free to post here with tests you would like me to-do.
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    You bought the phone from Cingular, thus I'm assuming its a T600 "optimized" for the Cingular network. Also, I'm assuming that you will simply pop in your T-Mobile sim card. I have a simple question: When you connect to the network, or turn on the T600, at any time do you see anything that says "Cingular"?
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    When you turn wireless mode on, it shows a Cingular symbol.

    When you connect to the internet, it says Tmobile.

    All my network settings were instantly on the phone. Didn't have to setup anything. Just pop in the sim and everything was ready to rock.
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    I feel like a dummy. How do you play MP3's on the treo? I thought it had a free player that came with it. I cant see it anywhere.
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    Originally posted by farzonalmaneih
    I feel like a dummy. How do you play MP3's on the treo? I thought it had a free player that came with it. I cant see it anywhere.
    1) You must use Pocket Tunes, which is not included with the Treo. When you register your Treo they will send you a link to download it.

    2) You must store MP3 files on an SD card. You cannot play MP3's if you do not have an SD card.
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    It is my understanding that PocketTunes Basic is bundled with the Treo6. I say understanding BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE MINE YET. Whew... I feel better - my order status is AWAITING SHIPMENT. So, sometime this year I should see a Treo6.

    Also, I read an article with the author of PT on and the interviewer mentioned it was bundled with the Treo6 so I would think it is.

    I envy you. If I knew where you lived...

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    If you compare the t300 and t600 side by side, they're not that much different. the t600 is a bit slimmer, but thicker. About the same height. But something visually about the 600 makes it look a LOT smaller.

    I love mine

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