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    Ordered 10/28 - I've been awaiting for so long. I'm at my wits end!

    It's been stuck on AWAITING SHIPMENT since last week. I have overnight delivery - yet it seems like everyone else is getting it - while MY status remains the same!

    Customer Service can not provide a tracking #, and can't confirm or deny if it is on its way - or sitting in a warehouse somewhere since they don't have updated info.

    WHAT the heck? Have you ever seen such bad service? Did anyone get it w/o having their status on the website change? Anyone order it around the 28th - receive it yet?

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    Sorry Jberm, but I ordered mine on 10/29 and it just arrived. My status changed on 11/16 and was shipped on 11/17. Sorry for your bad luck.
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    you must have had bad luck. i ordered mine on monday morning and it came Tuesday

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