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    Yes, Good BYE more need for your extra services! I'm not sure about many of you, but I hardly leave any computer stations always on, less, need to remotely open and send files. I only needed it to do pop3 emailing and now that the GSM Mail is available for Sprint T600, its free! I'm now switched to just the picturemail plan and can use the $5 credit towards whatever else. I sure wish they had some worthy palm software to DL and buy from spints website. And you dont really have to buy ringers either since its easy to find plentiful midi sites.

    I'm just rambling on, but I think this is a good switch...what do you guys think?
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    I personally will be sticking with BC because I have multiple email accounts and BC delivers them all straight to my Inbox without having to switch accounts. My laptop is always connected 24/7 so that is not a concern for me. I also like the fact that BC has sort of a webmail interface such that I can log onto any computer and have the same Outlook inbox that is on my laptop duplicated on that computer. All my email from all my accounts are in that one inbox, I find that very valuable.

    However, I will still be using the Treo mail app for when I want to send ringtones and such to myself as BC can't handle that. Finally, I also have the Inbox To Go Wireless app from Dataviz as that will allow me to handle most other attachments (PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, etc) that are on emails on my desktop or that I receive wirelessly.

    So to summarize:

    BC: use for push email
    Treo mail: midi ringtones
    Inbox To Go Wireless: handles email attachments from desktop email and wireless email

    However, it doesn't sound like you need all the functionality that I do so if the Treo Mail app is all you need, great! Save yourself some extra cash and use it for something you find more useful.

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