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    Are there any softwares like PC Anywhere that allows you to access your computer back in the office or someone elses computer? I saw something on Mobile TS at PalmGear but don't know if that it works or if that is what I need.
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    Mobile TS is great but won't work unless you have a RDP enabled OS like XP Professional etc. Another option is Winhand or Palm VNC
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    Palm VNC works fantastic. I highly recommend it.
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    I use the MobileTS and PalmVNC. I prefer PalmVNC, but MobileTS comes in handy where's there's not a VPN conneciton (VNC is too insecure to leave unprotected on the internet). There's also WinHand, but I found the PalmVNC to be just as speedy and it's free.
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    Used both and prefer PALM VNC .

    Anyone know if it is possible to hotsync using these programs.

    And anyone have a preference between win-hand and vnc?

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