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    I ordered the combo flip case and regular case package and wanted to know if anyone else has gotten theirs. I am tired of using that junky thing that came with the phone and I can't get Belagio to reply to me.
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    I couldn't get a reply either, so I called! She told me they were just received today 11/19 even though they expexted shipment on the 17th. She said they will start going out today and you will receive your depending on the shipping you chose! I ordered mine on 10/31 and selected two day ship so she said I will have it on friday!
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    I got mine about a week to 10 days ago. Ordered them well before that - about the second day they were on the site. Don't even have the phone yet! (stoopid ATT)

    Anyway - I have to say they are pretty nice. I got the dual package w/ both the flip and the open one. Both are nice - real leather - and good thick leather too, not the thin stuff like on EB cases I have had. Not buttery smooth like an EB case, but it does feel like it will soften with use and will survive.

    There seems to be a metal bracket - leather covered - that goes around the screen area, kind of raised up like a bumper but again totally covered in leather. I think it will give the screen edges some protection and really think its a nice touch.

    Definitely the best case I have seen so far and well worth the money they are asking.
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    Ivve had mine for a weeks now. This is a great case!. I really love the pockets in the flip. I carry spare car key a credit card and Drivers license. (had to work it in a bit for that) But it is a good looking case. Not cheap looking but also not to fancy to attract muggers.


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