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    Take this for what's it's worth and who it's from...

    Was in a brand new Sprint store for lunch today (Got my girlfriends i330 traded for a new Sanyo Ready Talk phone).
    The guy I was talking to said that a rep from handspring had just been in and he had the new Treo with Ready Link to show off.

    Before anyone suggests that it was just a 600 with updated FW, the guy I was talking to is very familiar with the Treo 600 and said this new phone it far better than it. He said the screen looked beautiful. I asked if it was higher res than the 600 and he said yes.

    One other note, he also said that Handspring (PalmOne) may start selling it on their web site in December, and the Treo 600 is not upgradeable to ReadyLink.
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    This sounds almost too good to be true. The only thing holding me back from getting a treo600 is the low resolution -and that is just barely holding me off. I guess I'll have to hold off getting excited till I see an offical press release.

    You'd think they would have showed it off at COMDEX though, dosent look like it. Are you positive about all this ?
    Check it out.
    Pa1mOne Comdex press release

    Thanks for the info though
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    Originally posted by ferrarinu
    Take this for what's it's worth and who it's from...
    The guy I was talking to said that a rep from handspring had just been in and he had the new Treo with Ready Link to show off.
    Entry: New Treo with Ready Link & High Res Screen

    Definition: braggadocio, bragging, bravado, bull****, deception, delusion, facade, fake, false colors, false front, feint, fraud, front, humbug, jiving, lie, pretence, pretext, ruse, sham, show, stall, subterfuge, trick.

    Just so you understand I'm not doubting you just what this rep has told you. Right now they can't even come close to shipping product for the many pre-orders that have already been placed for the Treo 600. To state that they some how will have a new better Treo available by December for shipment Jan-Feb . is prepostrous!

    But hey I've been wrong before, maybe they'll start taking pre-orders in January for delivery in '06
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    I'm not quite sure just how false the first entry was. But I know I just got off the phone with a Handspring rep (upper level) and mentioned the possiblilyt of a new Treo coming out very soon. He said he could not speak of it, but did say that there are prototypes already in progress, and that there will most likely be another promotional offer for current Treo 600 ownders to upgrade. Nothing really specific. But a grain of truth or clarity never hurts.
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    The guy could have been lying through his teeth, the only way we will know I guess is to see what happens. How shocked me was how adamant he is that it will be out maybe as soon as December on the PalmOne web site. He kept referring to them as Handspring. I have not decided if I believe him, I've dealt with to many Sprint people that don't know a thing. The catch though, is he said a Handspring rep was in and had the phone to show off If they have the phone and are showing it, it can't be to far from release you wouldn't think.

    Pure guess on my part, but I'm thinking that they are not announcing the phone for one reason or another. Maybe to avoid the loss of sales on the 600? I know I would have waited if I had known something better than the 600 was coming out in January.
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    makes perfect sense - kodiak is producing software to give the treo ptt capability - wouldn't one expect sprint to have it first!

    verizon...can you hear me now?
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    I for one would be pissed off. I just waited 3 weeks to get my Treo 600 and now there is a better one coming out. This would be very bad for Handspring's PRPRPR $if$ $they$ $did$ $this$ $to$ $all$ $of$ $us$ $who$ $just$ $shelled$ $out$ $lots$ $of$ $dough$ $for$ $this$ $new$ $one$.
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    I'll believe it when I see it.
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    It's never bad for a company's PRPRPR $to$ $come$ $out$ $with$ $new$ $models$. $Are$ $they$ $supposed$ $to$ $NOT$ $innovate$ $and$ $compete$ $in$ $the$ $marketplace$ $because$ $you$ $think$ $you$'$ll$ $be$ $offended$ $by$ $a$ $new$ $release$?
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    Angry because they were innovative? No. Angry because it's only two months later? Damn straight. It really doesn't matter anyway, because I KNOW this is false. If you take a look at Kodiak's website it makes it pretty clear the Treo will simply need a software upgrade to PTT. There is no new model coming out that quickly. How can anyone who has frequented this board possibly believe there could be a new model and us not know a out it.
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    The FCC site wil keep us informed:


    Oh-eight-eff is the Grantee Code - "O8F" - for palmOne.

    BTW - I have this bridge for sale...

    (however...Sprint reportedly wants a camera-less TREO. The original said NOTHING about a better camera as one of the repliers responded...)
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    Er...I would be shocked if PalmOne wer to release a new Treo soo soon! Anyway, to heck with RL...what I really want is BT in the phone!
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    The super-advanced model the rep is sure Handspring is coming out with is the current T600!! There's probably thousands of Sprint reps who don't even know this one is out.
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    Sprint keep one of the tightest ships in the wireless industry. This guy would be fired for giving out details of a new phone so early. This is a totally fake story with no truth or redeeming virtues.
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    Just give me bluetooth...that's all I ask. It's a logical product enhancement. I hope they do it soon, so I don't have to waste by SD slot for BT card.

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    Just give me bluetooth...that's all I ask. It's a logical product enhancement. I hope they do it soon, so I don't have to waste by SD slot for BT card.
    Ditto. That is my only current beef. If I had BT on th eT600 internal (were it's rumored that the previsons for it are on the PC board), then I could use the Jabra BT headset and still keep my SD/IO slot full of my MP3's or easly stick a Wi-Fi card in it. In my opinion, BT takes a higher seat then Wi-Fi as far as coming internnal due to it being a handhelp and portable, BT just make sence for that. Even though I will also use the Wi-Fi at work to log on to the network.
    Just my 2-cents, matt burkhard
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    And I can certainly tell you that lots of SPCS and Best Buy employees haven't seen the 600 yet - I'm probably responsible for several T600 sales in each.
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    I don't think the story is true either, but would be happy if it were. Here's my reasoning.

    Handspring wouldn't sell the new one until they ran out of the old stock, right? They must be pretty close to out if they were going to sell the new one so soon.

    6-7 months from now the new one would be all the Sprint stores had to replace the old defective phones. That means if I have any problems with the current one, i'd get one of the newer/better ones -and at the price I paid to upgrade the 300 to the 600! Not a bad deal in my book.
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    Doing an FCC search using Handspring/PalmOne's Wireless Business Unit's FCC Grantee Code (O8F), the last filings they had with the FCC were in July for the GSM/GPRS (FCC ID O8FDK) and CDMA (FCC ID O8FBW) versions of the Treo 600.

    So if there's anything new about this new one, then it's probably a ways down the road as far as development goes, or it's just updated firmware.

    I'm skeptical, but I guess we'll all see when the time comes.

    For anyone wishing to do the FCC search, head to this URL: and put O8F in the Grantee code. You can get all kinds of great info and pictures, including pictures of the inside of the phone.

    - Mike

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