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    I emailed the developers at Pocket Tunes and suggested that they consider iimplimenting some sort of "triggered start" to play an MP3 when an incoming call is detected.

    Since the TREO can trigger a MIDI to play (and unlike the 300, it can read the MIDI off the main memory, not transfered into a special phone area) it is not out of the question to trigger a WAV or MP3 file. I figured that since Pocket Tunes has taken the lead as a Treo 600 player they would be smart in coming up with the solution before someone else does.

    Here is the response that I received:

    "Thanks for the suggestion. We are looking into something like this. Our new API has the capability to allow another developer to do such a thing. Perhaps you should give it a try?
    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!"

    Of course, companies move faster when more people are interested, so feel free to request the same or provide them with more technical information than I could...

    Hope I'm not repeating something that has already been done...
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    What do they mean by "API" and whose the developer to do such a thing?
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    I'm no software writer, but I would bet that API is an interface whereas other programs can be written to enhance their software (like skins or plugins). "All" that would be needed is for a developer to find out what kind of signal happens when a call comes in and use that to trigger Pocket Tunes. I hope that it is possible... It would open up a world of ringtones...

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