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    What does the "Browse Web" icon do?

    The "Web" icon runs blazer, so what is the "Browse Web" icon for?

    On my Treo600 for some reason I get an error telling me to re-install Browse web, when I try to run that icon...

    Blazer works fine.......

    Looks like some software was left off mine.... any help...?
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    I've got a Sprint T600 and I've never had a "Browse Web" icon.
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    It sounds like you upgraded from another smartphone (the Samsung I300 maybe) and didn't clear out your backup folder before syncing to your Treo 600 the first time. On my I300, Browse Web launched Blazer and there wasn't an actual icon for Blazer. This was Sprint's way of branding the Blazer browser. You can just delete that application.

    You've probably brought over several other unnecessary apps as well so it might be worth a "clean" setup of your 600.
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