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    To all,


    I am pretty PalmOS savvy, but this has me just down right batty!

    Okay... since day one I think that I have had just one reset on my Tre600. But today, something weird happened.

    I was at my desk at work and wanted to see if I could "Send" a MIDI file from my phone to my laptop using the IR Link. I pointed my Treo 600, the IR Link activated on the laptop, I went into the Palm Prefs/Sound/Manager/ and selected a non-locked MIDI file. Pressed "Send" and... BAM... now my Palm is in a continual reset mode. So I did a hard-reset.

    I went home at lunch and HotSync's my Treo and still it continually resets?

    Before this am (9am my last HotSync) I have loaded any new software or deleted any software.

    I did a ##377 and saw the message:

    "a rest was caused on
    11/19/03 at 12:45 pm
    while running

    Datamgr.c, Line:9529,
    Index out of range"

    What is the easiest way to find the offending "unkown application"?

    I am going to try to add the files and databases in my Palm User folder one at a time... will this work?

    FYI... 4 days ago I did install the GSM Mail client found at and deleted it. Could this have done it... I have seen threads where the "Send/Beam" functions have been affected.

    Dave Lindberg
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    Well, my Treo 600 made it thorugh the "software operation" and is 99% restored (1% minor data I didn't care about)!

    The GSM Mail Beta for the Sprint PCS- is just that - a BETA! Beware! Beware!

    My Treo was working fine, until I loaded the GSM Mail found on Handsprings site. I used it for a minute or two (testing it out) and read here on that it may affect the "Beam/Send" feature on the T600. With that read, I deleted the GSM Mail app promptly and I thought I caught the damage. I deleted all the GSM Mail apps as per the Handspring instructions and even tested out the beaming function. Everything seemd to be fine - crisis averted... right, WRONG!

    Well, at work today, I tried to beam a Midi file to my laptop. BAM! Continual resets on my T600!?

    To make a long story short-er... I reset my Treo 600 back to before the GSM Incident using a backup that I had back on 11-12-03. Added some of the most needed apps and data - loaded since then and now everything is back to normal.

    * Affected: beam/send feature only from the Sound/Manager. *

    My assumption is that SprintPCS may be asking Handsrping to "block" sending Midi (and possibly photos) using beam IR or send via email. My opinion!

    Dave Lindberg

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