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The things I'm still missing are: Even though my script ports over "read" status from desktop to POP account, either POP or SM doesn't pay any attention to it, so things I've already read on the desktop still show up as "new" on the Treo.

And, of course, if I delete it on the server, it doesn't get deleted in Snapper Mail. If I could just solve these two problems, I could manage with little trouble until real IMAP (with folders) support comes out, somewhere. At least now, the difficulties I have are in the Treo, whereas, before, reading mail on my Treo made my desktop experience a lot worse. Now at least it's indifferent.
These are all handled by MultiMail (don't know if it's even available any longer), and I'm hoping by VersaMail (will find out when I get the T600). Unfortunately Palm absolutely refuses to offer a demo version of VersaMail so I can't test to see if it will all (and hopefully more) that MultiMail can do.