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    I have been enjoying my new T600 for the past three weeks, but have discovered an odd behavior. At times I will pick up the device when it is in standby (i.e. the screen has blanked), take it out of standby, and discover that I have missed one or more calls.

    I assumed that the phone would/should ring even when the screen is blanked (standby); is this not the case? I would hate to have to keep taking it out of standby just so I don't miss a call.

    I am using this with Sprint and so my only suspicion is that it might not activate when roaming, but again, that does not make sense to me.

    Anyone else with a similar problem or suggestions on how to correct it?

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    I have experienced the same problems. Sometimes the phone rings one time and tells me I have a missed call. I can be on stand by and all of a sudden reicve a voicemail. It has happen to me quite often and would also like to know if there is a fix.


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