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    Some weeks ago there was a guy on this forum ripping the 600 a new one, calling it ****e and listing all of it's 'failings'. Aside from the fact that the guy was an ***** it gives me further pleasure (kind of!) to dispell one of his rants.

    He said that "the 600 would break the first time it was dropped - guaranteed!" Sorry, matey, you're absolutely wrong! Now I wasn't on a mission to disprove this theory but none the less I still inadvertantly pitched my 600 across a car park, seeing it hit the floor, skid across asphalt before retrieving it with intrepidation and tears in my eyes! My poor baby!!

    However, apart from a few expected scratches on the case and nicks on the keypad the phone was in perfect condition! Everything still works. No damaged to the screen, no damage to the camera lens, no damage to the aerial. It's a testament to the design of the 600 that everything is curved 'just so' that nothing vital got scraped or scratched! I'm gutted that my 600 in no longer 'perfect' but delighted that my $500 investment didn't go down the toilet the first time I inevitably dropped it!!

    So, to the nasty little **** with nothing good to say about the Treo 600, I say...YA BOO SUCKS!!!
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    Wow Taz, your a lucky one. It must have landed JUST SO.. about two weeks ago, I got out of my car, and my 600 fell off my belt from about 2 feet off the ground. I was mortified, but when I picked it up all seemed well. Got home later that day and was on the phone with my boss, when the internal ear piece speaker let loose a squeel, and that was all she wrote. From that point I could use the external headset, or speakerphone but that was it. Just got my replacement a few days ago.

    So count yourself lucky! AND DONT TOSS IT ACROSS ANY MORE CAR PARKS...
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    Hey Kev,

    Out of curiosity, how did you get a replacement? Under what circumstances did youy get it replaced? Was it under some kind of insurance? Did Handspring or Sprint replace it?



    p.s. I steer well away from carparks now!!

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