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    I was informed that several TREO 600 GSM have many problems about the use as cell phone (lost of signal, difficulty to comunicate, suddenly freezing, etc.).
    They said me that Handspring knows the problem and an update of the firmware should be available later.
    Somebody knows more about?
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    I'm a bit surprized about your remarks because all of the problems you point out just don't exist on my Treo 600 GSM.

    I've had some soft resets but that was because I was fiddling around with some program that was (propably) not (fully) compatible.

    I have no freezing, never lost network or what ever - it's just working!


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    Unfortunally all these problems occur to my TREO 600 after only 1 week .
    I sent it to the Handspring assistance and they decided to change it because the firmware will delay.
    I have only a doubt: if the firmware will delay, will I not have the same problem with a new non firmware updated phone?
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    Luckily for me I have not had any of these problems on my gsm treo. good luck.
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    i have 3 gsm treos right now all work like a champ

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