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    Seriously looking at the Treo 600 - as need a PDA type as need access to me emails on the move as have so much info in them - plus read docs etc - and alos need a new phone - so it seems damn good option - and I like the ide of a full keyboard.

    Anway - I was wondering of those who have got the Treo 600 so far - how they feel about it - there likes - dislikes- and has it met their expectations.

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    I was in your same boat. Wanted a phone with some email support. This thing has blown me away. I never really understood the Palm world and all the third party apps. Now I do. As a phone with the integrated contacts support it rocks. Using Snappermail with DoctoGo makes getting and reading attachments a breeze. The keyboard really does make it a functional communicator. You can write back a 2-3 sentence email in a minute or 2 so it really makes for an incredible device in that regards.
    After I had that app I started finding out about all the other apps I could get and now have:

    Chatter - Amamzing little IM application. When not at my pc I can still IM damn near anyone on any service. Very handy.

    Backupman - My fear about Palms was that I wasn't diligent about backuping incase I had a reset and lost data. First having the thing integrated with the phone keeps it with me and much easier to sync since I always have it on me. But in those events where I travel for a couple days and dont have a laptop it is nice having the peace of mind that I have everything backedup to the SD card and if I do have a hard crash I am 1 minute from being backup and operational.

    Vindigo - Just a flat out kick *** little program for finding every day things. Finding a local cab company, closest atm, the weather report, or directiosn to the zoo is dirt easy. Plus it updates over Vision so you dont have to sync to keep it uo to date.

    SplashID - At first I thought this was moronic. Why store my passwords and other data here? Well I started to use it and every time I logged into a site I slapped it into here along with personal data. Now the damn thing is at 100 entries and logins I use to struggle trying to remember are at the tips of my fingertips. Its just one of those apps you dont really reliaze how valuable it is until you try ti out for a couple weeks.

    MobileTS - The ability to remotely control my pc over the MS RPC service is simply amazing. I dont use it often, but that pinch when I need a file off my comp having this tool becomes a sweet little feature.

    ExpensePlus -I travel every so often with my work, and always struggled with tracking and getting my expense reports in on time. Been on the road twice now and having this makes keeping them updated a breeze. I just wish I knew VBVBVB $so$ $I$ $could$ $code$ $it$ $to$ $use$ $my$ $companys$ $reports$ $but$ $still$ $it$ $is$ $a$ $great$ $liittle$ $time$ $saver$.

    pTunes - Having all this in one package and then having the ability to use this as an MP3 player blows my mind. I picked up a 512MB SD card so when I train between DC and New York I have a nice little package of 100 songs to play with. Makes for passing the time on trips a great feature.

    Even having access to some games like bejeweled is a nice feature every now and then. Sitting in Jiffy Lube for 30 min waiting for my car made the time fly as I got in a quick game.

    The thing is this device does so much, but the thing is it does everything A+ it just akes it a cant miss device. Basically the thign does everything. I for one will never ever trun from a smoart phone again and pray to god that from here on out there will alwyas be a smart phone with keybaord in this form factor.
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    Good report - there - thanks. I live in the Uk - so some of the options you use may not be available for me.

    The email and backup stuff is damn useful - plus, I will be using the mp3 alot - just like my Siemens SL45i.


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