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    For moving and running apps from the SD card- which one to use? If you move an app, like Adobe Reader, to the card will the conduit work to install new PDF documents to the reader? Teal Alias has a feature to spoof the conduit.
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    I use PowerRun all the time and it works great. As far as Acrobat Reader, I have it loaded on the card via PowerRun. The Acrobat conduit converts pdf files and then you can choose to transfer it either to Ram or the card (/palm/launcher/). When reader is launched, it recognizes the converted pdf files fine. In fact, I've only encountered a couple problem trying to load certain games with PowerRun, but that's about it.

    Regarding the issue of Ram resident apps:

    TealAlias can also be used to add card support to launchers or programs which require their data be resident in main memory, or to allow card-based applications to be placed in launcher categories.
    PowerRun does the same thing, however I can't load certain apps like Snapermail b/c I need those to be Ram resident in order to function. I don't know if TealAlias would allow this though? Anyway, I would be interested if it could...
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    Experience dictates that the "spoofing" is less than reliable, across the board. Nonetheless, I purchased PowerRun and was satisfied. I later discarded it in favor of ZLauncher, for two reasons:

    1) ZL also has a stellar File Manager. That feature + other move-to-card feature combo ensures I can easily get to whatever, whenever, in an *****-proof manner (i.e., before my coffee kicks in).

    2) ZL allows me to choose, per move, whether all, some or none of the associated DBs will be moved (or copied), along with the prc file(s).

    FWIW, when I'm at my laptop, and I need a DB stashed on my card (which doesn't sync), I simply use ZL to beam it over. Just a simple select and tap maneuver, via ZL's File Mgr.

    Finally, a word to the wise: do NOT move any app which has alarms, if you use it's alarm feature. If you want to ignore the advice, be sure to do automated daily full back-ups to your card with BackUpMan or whatever.

    (All apps mentioned are OS5 friendly. ZL's recent upgrade = Treo600 friendly. Dunno 'bout the others.)

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