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    ...I LOVE MY TREO 600!!!

    First weekend away from home since receiving it. Went on a roadtrip to Lake Tahoe, and even driving through snow flurries, was able to get to CalTrans website and see what roads were closed, where chains were required, etc.

    Made restaurant reservations, figured out who was headlining in Reno, checked ski reports, even registered for a casino slot promo card -- all while on the road with this wonderful phone!

    It never even went down past two bars for coverage driving through the Donner Pass (big ole Sierra mountains for non-Californians).
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    I love my Treo 600
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    Yeah, have to agree. Shoutcast, MP3, SMS, email, web, ability to downloading/installing apps directly to phone . . . ah, life is good. Whenever I don't have my Treo on me I feel like a Samurai without his sword. I forgot how I got along without it.
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    Bling...Obviously you weren't driving if you were doing that much web surfing, ( just kidding). When people ask me why I bought my 600 it's always the same answer... so I'll never be bored again. Even in the bank line I can check out Now that's awesome.

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