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    I have been having a series of hard crashes that I can't track down. They occur when I fill in text fields in many different apps including default apps like the web browser.

    I was totally stranded on a business trip last week.....and now I"m growing tired of this.

    I purchased Botzam Backup and a profile that was working fine now hard crashes upon the soft reset after restoring my files.

    How can a track down this system-wide culprit!
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    hard reset and install a program at a time.

    did u upgrade from another palm?
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    I did upgrade form a Samsung i300.

    I think I will have to try one program at a time approach but it seems like such a pain.

    The hard crashes don't seem to occur in just one application. It is like one of the global preferences files is getting corrupted.

    Has anybody had to resort to the cold reset that is like removing the battery?

    Are there system wide preference files that I can delete (with Filez) and rebuild?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I had similar issues with this problem. I found my problem to be the AIM client I was using. The surefire way to ensure the install works is to do a soft-reset after every program installation. Some issues don't get recognized until the handheld restarts.

    Hope this helps!
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    Oooh. I'll give that a try - I do have the AIM client installed.

    I am a little concerned that I have a hardware issue becuase now after a hard reset and I clear all data, when I push the hotsync button the Treo soft resets and does not hotsync..humm.
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    golfingtigger - Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!

    So far it has been two days and no crashes. I did a clean install of everything but not AIM and it appears to have done the trick. I noticed that AIM had a lot of extra files that it uses in addition to the AIM.prc. This program is evil!!

    I have had such bad luck hard crashing my Treo600.

    First it was the game "lemmings" that totally crashed my Treo and I lost some great pictures.

    Then I tried installing the Adobe Acrobat Reader and what a mess that was!!!!! I was in fits right before a business trip trying to get my Treo600 working.

    Then on the trip, it looks like AIM was taking down my Treo and I was stuck with out a backup.......

    I think we need a comprehensive list of "Evil Programs That Hard Crash the Treo600"
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    I found that you have to remove the saved and unsaved preferences, connectiondb, before restoring to another palm.
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    Glad to help you stineb!

    I am able to reinstall the saved and unsaved preferences, and the connectiondb with no problems. I would have been lost otherwise.

    When you guys are trying to get your reinstalls to work, the thing to do is to go the Backup directory and rename it.

    For example, my profile is W. Alondo McClees so the backup directory is C:\program files\Handspring\W\Backup. Rename it to something like Backup for Backup, then do a Hotsync. This will create a new Backup directory. Then just go into your Backup for Backup directory and individually install the prc and pdb files. Voila, all your settings back to the way they were!
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    if anyone is getting soft resets when they manually type a url, handspring says there are 2 files that have become corrupt. Go to their support page and look up "web" and they tell you what to do. It requires fileZ, so you can delete the 2 invisible files.

    This is unrelated to what happened to you, but this seems pretty common so I thought I'd mention it. The problem only soft resets when auto-fill url is activated.
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    All good tips.

    Does anybody use the AIM client on a Treo600? I was wondering if the app itself is evil or if I just had some corrupted prefs.
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    I posted my solution to this thread.

    Try it and see if it helps your problem stineb. I think it should fix them.

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    I have the same problem. I have been forced to leave AIM off.
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    I have Textplus 5.4 installed and it crashed my blazer everytime I typed a url in really fast. It seems like it couldn't keep up with suggestions or something like that. If i type it in real slow it didn't crash. I'm still using it though, there's an option to exclude applications and I just selected Web and now everything works fine.

    As for AIM. It never causes the crash for me. However, if it is runnign in the background and I get a reset then my t600 goes into a looping reset.
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    I know this thread is three years old, but I just want to reiterate that AIM.prc is EVIL, EVIL, EVIL.

    I've been cursed with hard resets ever since I got my Treo 700p. Every time it reset, it was a hard reset. I'm so loaded with third-party programs going back to my VisorPhone that I didn't want to go through the trouble of reloading them, one by one, instead of a mass Restore from my card. But I finally got so fed up that I had no alternative. (I had to do a full Restore from my backup card four times today alone!)

    Fortunately, AIM.prc begins with "A." I can't believe how lucky I was that the very first program i reloaded turned out to be the problem.

    No more hard resets! YIPPEE!

    A word to the wise...keep away from AIM.prc. (I was using v1.0.; maybe it's improved since then but I have no intention of finding out.)

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