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    3 key differences:

    1- diddlebug will crash T600 if you go to email a note

    2- BugMe has a much more even "ink" application (Diddlebug is jaggedy in my opinion)

    3- diddlebug comes free with Snapper, but I think BugMe is much better and worth the cost.
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    Agreed on all 3.
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    what is the version number for the bug me you are using?
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    Umm...Diddlebug doesn't crash when I send a note. If you would like I'd be happy to send you one from my T600. I use SnapperMail. Perhaps there is some kind of conflict in your device or with the mail program you use.

    As for Diddlebug being smoother...did you turn on the smoothing function in Diddlebug?

    Bug Me might be better, but I have yet to see a reason to pay for it if you have Diddlebug for free.

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    BugMe v. 4.3.9b

    As far as the "smoothest" settting on DB, it is still half as smooth as BM. Yeah, it's free, and that's good, but BM is better. Much better.
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    My treo also crashes when I try to send sketches. Is there a plugin I should download for this send application to work?
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    Hey guys, just thought I'd chime in. I used to have diddlebug on my Treo300 and it was excellent--so when I bought the T600, it was one of the first apps I installed. To my horror, the lines were extremely jagged and rendered the program useless in my opinion. The weird thing is that I tried about 5 different sketchpad programs, including a free one from handago, and they all were equally bad--except for Bugme. The lines were much smoother (although not as smooth as Diddlebug was on the T300). So I bought it and am very happy with it.

    I suggest anyone that is really interested in this type of program should try the different ones out and decide for themselves what is acceptable.
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    I thought the same thing since I had always used older versions of DiddleBug with my Palm Vx, but I think they newer version may just have a bug. It seems to me that if I set it to "unsmooth" it gives me the smoothest writing and vice-versa. Try it out, I think it's just backwards for some reason.
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    I recently deleted Diddlebug because I could not email my notes/sketches. Bugme is free as long as you do not have over 3 notes stored. I also like the color options of Bugme.
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    yea i guess i just don't really ever see the need to email notes/sketches unless i'm just not thinking of something.
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    In a related subject, is there a freeware porgram out there that lets you view the bitmap files that the Diddlebug plugin saves on a memory card?
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